What lies beyond Big Data Analysis?
Beyond big data analysis lies an innovation known as cognitive analysis, which is capable of providing insights with minimum human support. Information accumulating from disparate sources, differing in formats, is known as big data. This data is essential for organizations as it is capable of providing... Read more
Frontier AI: How far are we from artificial “general” intelligence, really?
Some call it “strong” AI, others “real” AI, “true” AI or artificial “general” intelligence (AGI)… whatever the term (and important nuances), there are few questions of greater importance than whether we are collectively in the process of developing generalized AI that can truly think like a... Read more
Introducing GapminderVR: Data Visualization in Virtual Reality
I am a big fan of sites such as Gapminder and Our World in Data. Such data visualization sites are like intellectual pornography. You want to know which countries are doing better? Which continents drink more alcohol? How is alcohol related to GDP? Have people getting fatter recently, or... Read more
Eight-bit Floating Point
Researchers have discovered that for some problems, deep neural networks (DNNs) can get by with low precision weights. Using fewer bits to represent weights means that more weights can fit in memory at once. This, as well as embedded systems, has renewed interest in low-precision floating... Read more
The History of Neural Networks and AI: Part I
Although machine learning has only become mainstream in the last decade, there are many essential contributors to the field dating back as far as the 1940s. In order to understand the infinite possibilities presented today in the fields of AI, deep learning and more, it is... Read more
New ODSC Meetup Webinar: Artificial Intelligence at the Edge
Join in to learn as Dr. Jameson Toole describes how AI is moving from the cloud to the edge in one of ODSC’s latest webinar. Machine learning and AI might outperform human on a wide series of tasks but there is still room to grow and... Read more
Small p hacking
The proposal to change p-value thresholds from 0.05 to 0.005 won’t die. I think it’s targeting the wrong question:  many studies are too weak in various ways to provide the sort of reliable evidence they want to claim, and the choices available in analysis and publication... Read more
Understanding Neural Network Bias Values
In my other articles, I have discussed the many different neural network hyper parameters that contribute to optimal success. While hyper parameters are crucial  for training successful algorithms, the importance of neural network bias values are not to be forgotten as well. In this article I’ll... Read more
Bitcoin Trade Signals
What will Bitcoin do When asked what the stock market will do, J.P Morgan replied “It will fluctuate.”. If we could hypothetically ask Mr Morgan another question, very popular these days, I bet his answer would be “It will fluctuate a loot”. Of course, the question is... Read more
5 strategies for converting Big Data into actionable insights
The strategy to turn the raw data into actionable insights is to integrate and analyze data from all data sources to reach better and optimized business decisions. The word “big” in big data refers to the huge volume of data involved. Big data technologies aim at... Read more