To solve machine learning problems, there is a wide range of different techniques and methods required, some suited better than others. As a data scientist it can be difficult to encapsulate all of them, and choose which work best for specific scenarios. If one is starting... Read more
You might remember that ODSC is participating in Kaggle’s March Madness this year, so we thought we’d give you an update. Here’s Open Data Science’s March Madness bracket breakdown. After 48 games and millions of busted brackets, the 2018 NCAA Men’s Tourney has been whittled down... Read more
Tidy Resampling Redux with Agricultural Economics Data
(No statistical graphs in this one. This is what my dog Artemis looks like when she wants my attention during work hours.) Mindy L. Mallory (@ace_prof) wrote a blog post on Machine Learning and Econometrics: Model Selection and Assessment Statistical Learning Style where she has a great description... Read more
How the Twitter Timeline Works (and 6 Simple Tactics to Increase Your Reach)
Understanding the social media algorithms is important to social media marketers, especially since it can heavily impact a brand’s reach on social media. We’ve talked about the Facebook News Feed algorithm and the Instagram Feed algorithm. This time, we would love to dive into the Twitter timeline algorithm. Up until 2015,... Read more
It’s that time of year, the snow has melted, flowers are starting to blossom, and the country is consumed by the fever of March Madness. Today, March 15th, marks the true kick-off of the 63-match tournament, famous for its thrilling competitive play and heart-stopping upsets. The... Read more
A Look at Gary Marcus’s Deep Learning: A Critical Appraisal
There are many mixed opinions regarding the future of deep learning. Gary Marcus’s paper, “Deep Learning: A Critical Appraisal” overviews the social and more technical concerns with deep learning, and examines the possibility of it simply hitting a wall. Having only reached mainstream technology at acceptable... Read more
In the 1840’s Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis had a big problem on his hands. He was an obstetrician in the Vienna General Hospital and healthy young women in the maternity ward were dying at an alarming rate. The problem was well known throughout Vienna. There were two... Read more
Support for gun control is decreasing in all age groups
This is the third article in a series about changes in support for gun control over the last 50 years. In the first article I looked at data from the General Social Survey and found that young adults are less likely than previous generations to support gun control.... Read more
Requests for Research
Table of contents: Task-independent data augmentation for NLP Few-shot learning for NLP Transfer learning for NLP Multi-task learning Cross-lingual learning Task-independent architecture improvements It can be hard to find compelling topics to work on and know what questions are interesting to ask when you are just... Read more
Post-Columbine students do not support gun control
In their coverage of the Parkland school shooting, The Economist writes: Though polling suggests that young people are only slightly more in favour of gun-control measures than their elders, those surveys focus on those aged 18 and above. There may be a pre- and post-Columbine divide within that... Read more