We’re all familiar with terms like first, third, and developing the world when it comes to describing countries in relation to the word. “First-world” refers to the countries are richer, healthier, and more educated, while impoverish nations fall under the label of third-world. In addition, we... Read more
Dimensional Modeling and Kimball Data Marts in the Age of Big Data and Hadoop
Is dimensional modeling dead? Before I give you an answer to this question let’s take a step back and first have a look at what we mean by dimensional data modelling. Why do we need to model our data? Contrary to a common misunderstanding, it is... Read more
Facelyzr Deep Learning Project
Introduction     Deep learning is a phrase that follows us everywhere. Even the non-technical people are aware how artificial intelligence can change our world. I totally agree with Andrew Ng that “AI is the new electricity” and that it can make our world better. Especially... Read more
Introduction In this article, I will discuss what is data mining and why we need it?  We will learn a type of data mining called clustering and go over two different types of clustering algorithms called K-means and Hierarchical Clustering and how they solve data mining... Read more
This was originally posted on the Silicon Valley Data Science blog. How can artificial neural nets help in understanding our brain’s neural net? On the weekend of March 24–26, YCombinator-backed startup DeepGram hosted a deep learning hackathon. The weekend-long event included speakers and judges from Google Brain, NVIDIA, and... Read more
Visualising Similarity: Maps vs. Graphs
The visualization of complex data sets is of essential importance in communicating your data products. Beyond pie charts, histograms, line graphs and other common forms of visual communication begins the reign of data sets that encompass too much information to be easily captured by these simple... Read more
Applying Deep Learning to natural language processing
Language is the medium that humans use for conversing. Giving machines the ability to learn human language with natural language processing has given rise to several new products and possibilities that were not previously imaginable. Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the most important technologies... Read more
How We Game the Algorithm to Tame the Algorithm
Algorithms are everywhere. Sometimes we see traces. Once in a while we feel the effects. Mostly, we go about our days vaguely aware of an invisible algorithmic presence. We set out to learn how people live with algorithms now and what it means for the future.... Read more
Non-profits and Donor Churn Individual and corporate contributors are the lifeblood of non-profits, tied to the fabric by supporting the organization’s viability, sustainability, and advancement. Yet, non-profit groups know very little about their donor segments. It’s easy to create a profile for a reliable, faithful supporter... Read more
Ethics for powerful algorithms (1 of 4)
COMPAS has been in the news a lot lately. It’s a proprietary algorithm widely used by judges and parole officers to set bail, adjust sentences, and determine terms for parole. If you are arrested in the U.S. today, COMPAS or an algorithm like it will likely... Read more