Production Machine Learning for Mission-Critical Applications
Editor’s note: Robert Crowe is a speaker for ODSC Europe this June. Be sure to check out his talk, “Production ML for Mission-Critical Applications,” there! Deploying advanced machine learning technology to serve customers and/or business needs requires a rigorous approach and production-ready systems. This is especially... Read more
How AI and ML are Reshaping Cybersecurity: Advancing Towards the Best SIEM Alternatives
It is given that organizations should have an effective way of managing all information about their security and be capable of addressing security events as they arise. That’s why since its introduction in 2005, security information and event management (SIEM) has been regarded as a vital... Read more
Best Practices for Data Lake Security
In today’s world, digital and computer technology is essential for businesses to operate efficiently. Rather than using paper records, data is now collected and stored using digital tools. However, even digital information has to be stored somewhere.  While databases were the traditional way to store large... Read more
sktime – Python Toolbox for Machine Learning with Time Series
Editor’s note: Franz Kiraly is a speaker for ODSC Europe this June. Be sure to check out his talk, “sktime – Python Toolbox for Machine Learning with Time Series,” there! Welcome to sktime, the open community and Python framework for all things time series. Here’s what... Read more
Generative NLP Models in Customer Service: Evaluating Them, Challenges, and Lessons Learned in Banking
Editor’s note: The authors are speakers for ODSC Europe this June. Be sure to check out their talk, “Generative NLP models in customer service. How to evaluate them? Challenges and lessons learned in a real use case in banking,” there! With the increasing use of digital... Read more
Simplifying Time Series Forecasting: Replicating Monsaraida’s Solution on Kaggle for Retail Volume Predictions
The M5 Competition, hosted on Kaggle, has recently drawn attention to the effectiveness of gradient-boosting methods for volume forecasts of retail products. In this article, we will focus on the accuracy track of the competition and tackle a time series problem. By replicating one of the... Read more
Why Data Security is Critical to Creating Effective AI Programs
Artificial intelligence (AI) programs have hogged headlines recently and the industry is set to grow exponentially over the next few years. As models such as the ones released by OpenAI grow and disrupt several business activities, data has become more important than ever. Observers typically associate... Read more
Unlocking the Power of Voice: Enhance Your Applications with Azure Speech Services
Speech is one of the most natural and fundamental modes of human communication. In today’s digital landscape –where audio and video content proliferate across the web and within enterprises— leveraging automated speech AI is paramount, and can make content more accessible, as well as opening the... Read more
Automating Remediation Processes for Data Security Posture Management
If you are looking into data security posture management, I’m sure you realize that automating remediation activities for data security posture management is a vital tool for maintaining the security and integrity of data inside an organization. Automating these processes enables organizations to identify and respond... Read more
Social Media: Growth, Data Generated, and Data Consumption
Social media is a large source of data that has been subject to a wide variety of research, analytics-driven products, and machine learning solutions. The usage of social media platforms is on an ever rise and consequently the data generated on the platforms. It is important... Read more