Causal AI: From Data to Action by Dr. Andre Franca
At this year’s ODSC East, there was a wealth of content related to cutting-edge technologies and emerging techniques that are the latest developments in artificial intelligence. While much progress has been made in predictive tasks such as generating the next word in a sequence, the technology... Read more
New DynGAN Framework May Resolve Mode Collapse in GANs
Generative adversarial networks (GANs) have become increasingly popular as generative AI applications expand. However, this development has also made these models’ flaws all the more prevalent. Mode collapse is perhaps the most prominent of these shortcomings, but a new framework called DynGAN may pose a solution.... Read more
May 2024 Top LLM & Generative AI News, Research, & Open-Source Tools
Every month, there are countless updates in the world of large language models. Between new tools being announced, updates to existing ones, and funding rounds for growing companies, there’s plenty going on in the space. Generative AI news, apps, chatbots, LLMs, frameworks, and other projects are... Read more
Podcast: Training and Deploying Open-Source LLMs with Dr. Jon Krohn
Learn about cutting-edge developments in AI and data science from the experts who know them best on ODSC’s Ai X Podcast. Each week we release an interview with a leading expert, core contributor, experienced practitioner, or acclaimed instructor who is helping to shape the future of... Read more
Ethical Considerations in Gamifying Data Management in Organizations
Ethical considerations become more prevalent as more organizations turn to gamification to alleviate productivity and engagement issues. How can they gamify data management without negatively affecting subjects or workers?   Why Organizations Gamify Data Management  Gamification integrates video or board game elements like scoring systems, leaderboards,... Read more
Mitigating the Risk of AI Bias in Cyber Threat Detection
AI bias is a constant problem algorithmic trainers and data scientists try to eliminate. It is already a concern when data skews, providing a false determination to an input. The bias problem becomes more severe when it reveals cybersecurity oversights. Addressing AI bias can help you... Read more
How DALL-E 2 is Redefining Creativity and Intellectual Property in the Age of AI Art
Is AI-generated art intellectual property? Tools such as Dall-E 2, Midjourney, and Jasper Art are changing how people add images to blog posts, social media ads, and other promotional tools. These are just coming into the mainstream, so figuring out the best ways to navigate the... Read more
How to Make the Most Out of LLM Production Data: Simulated User Feedback
The world of LLM app development is always on the move — new tricks, models, and apps pop up every week. As tech gets better, what users expect keeps ramping up. Staying ahead in this game is key to making sure it’s the one users keep... Read more
Generate Synthetic Data to Test LLM Applications
In this blog, we will walk through the popular topic “Synthetic Data” in the context of LLM testing and evaluation. We will cover: Benefits of using synthetic data to test (and stress test) LLM-based applications. How to generate and use synthetic data for testing Examples of RAG and Agent synthetic... Read more
ODSC East 2024 Keynote: Carolyn Rosé on Setting Up Text Processing Models for Success
With the challenges of immense volumes of textual data today, the field of  Natural Language Processing (NLP) is rapidly evolving.  At the core of this challenge lies the perennial tension between the need for intricate knowledge engineering and the drive to generate actionable insights with minimal... Read more