Brace Yourself, Data Cleaning is Coming
If you are just too familiar with This Crazy Thing Called Data Cleaning, with both the classical and psychological tricks that help, if your hair has already gone grey because of it, if you are simply seeking fast, fun, and furious nontrivial tricks, I encourage you... Read more
Turning a Keras Model into an Estimator
Google’s TensorFlow engine has a unique way of solving problems, allowing us to solve machine learning problems very efficiently. Nowadays, machine learning is used in almost all areas of life and work, with famous applications in computer vision, speech recognition, language translations, healthcare, and many more. ... Read more
5 Types of Load Testing and When to Use Them
Before you apply any software or algorithm to a decision-making process, you’ll want to be sure it works. Ensuring your tools operate as they should involves various tests and measurements, one of the most crucial being load testing. There are multiple types of load testing too,... Read more
Overcoming the Cold Start Problem: How to Make New Tasks Tractable
I woke up this morning (somewhat unsurprisingly). After poking my head out of the covers and feeling a cold chill in the air, I made the executive decision not to proceed with this course of action and promptly withdrew back under the covers. Ten minutes later,... Read more
An Introduction to Social Network Analysis with NetworkX: Two Factions of a Karate Club
Networks (a.k.a graphs) are one of the most interesting areas of data science and have been subject to an explosion of interest in recent years. The ability to model the relationship between data points is powerful. This article introduces some basic concepts in network science and... Read more
Announcing the ODSC Machine Learning Certification
A successful data scientist or AI practitioner never stops learning. However, pausing your career to return to school for another degree can be costly in terms of both time and budget. In such situations, machine learning certifications are an essential tool for both developing new skills... Read more
Civic Data Science for the Charles River Watershed Association
When you hear the phrase “corporate data science,” what comes to mind? You may think of recommender systems for video streaming platforms or optimizing the click-through rate for online advertisements. When thinking about “academic data science,” maybe you are reminded of some white papers on arXiv.org... Read more
Neural Guard produces automated threat detection solutions powered by AI for the security screening market. With the expansion of global trends like urbanization, aviation, mass transportation, and global trade, the associated security and commercial challenges have become ever more crucial. In this blog, we will talk... Read more
Building an Ethical Data Science Practice
“F**k the Algorithm” is a bold mantra that we are likely to hear more about as unintended consequences of AI continue to unfold. For almost a decade, our industry has been obsessed with maximizing predictive performance – also seen as the ability with which AI can... Read more
Performing IMDb Sentiment Analysis with GloVe Embeddings
The GloVe model came out in 2014, a year after the Word2Vec paper came out. The GloVe and Word2Vec models are similar as the embeddings generated for a word are determined by the words that occur around it. However, these context words occur with different frequencies. Some of these context... Read more