Understanding and Optimizing Neural Network Hyperparameters Series The learning rate The Neurons Other parameters, and optimizing   In the other parts I have explained the main hyperparameters used to train a neural network, and how they can contribute to the networks success. However, optimizing these values can be tedious.... Read more
Datasets for Building a Data Analysis Portfolio
I recently had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Association of Public Data Users (APDU) Conference. My favorite part of the conference was talking to people who work with federal data on a daily basis. Overall I found people to be passionate about their work and eager to share information... Read more
Beyond Computational Reproducibility, let us Aim for Reusability
Scientific progress calls for reproducing results. Due to limited resources, this is difficult even in computational sciences. Yet, reproducibility is only a means to an end. It is not enough by itself to enable new scientific results. Rather, new discoveries must build on reuse and modification of the state... Read more
Intro In this part 2 will discuss how neural nets are structured, how the structure can affect the success of a model, and why. The actual design of a neural network is very much determined by the data that’s supplied. You will already know how outside layers are formed,... Read more
Introduction to the series When first trying to understand a neural network, one of the most debated and perhaps mysterious aspects of them are the parameters that contribute to their success. These parameters are for you to ultimately decide. As it stands, they tend to be determined by obvious... Read more
Intro. How I Plan to Teach Myself Deep Learning Using Only Free Resources Learning Deep Learning Series Part 1: Videos Learning Deep Learning Part 2: Online Courses Learning Deep Learning Part 3: Github Repos This is the third and final part in a series of articles called “Learning Deep... Read more
Game of Thrones as a Data Visualization
I came to know about Tableau a year back when I saw Adam McCann’s amazing viz. on GOT. Ever since then, I have been intrigued by the possibilities of Data Visualization. So creating this GOT viz. in Tableau one year from then is like coming a full circle. GOT... Read more
How Automation is Going to Redefine What it Means to Work
IN BRIEF The time for machines to take over most of humanity’s work is rapidly approaching. The world is woefully unprepared to deal with the implications that automation will have over the coming decades. Universal basic income is just beginning to be discussed, and automation has the potential to... Read more
A computer was asked to predict which start-ups would be successful. The results were astonishing
In 2009, Ira Sager of Businessweek magazine set a challenge for Quid AI’s CEO Bob Goodson: programme a computer to pick 50 unheard of companies that are set to rock the world. The domain of picking “start-up winners” was – and largely still is – dominated by a belief... Read more
ODSC East Interviews: Shir Meir Lador
The following Q&A is part of a series of interviews conducted with speakers at the 2017 ODSC East conference in Boston. This interview is with Shir Meir Labor, Lead Data Scientist at Bluevine, whose talk was entitled “Fraud Detection Challenges and Data Skepticism. The transcript has been edited condensed and edited... Read more