Predicting Airline Delays
I don’t know about all of you, but flying doesn’t always go smoothly for me. I have had some horror stories I could tell you about weird delays I have encountered while flying. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how much your flight will probably be... Read more
Data Visualization for Situational Awareness
When you look at the image below, do you feel a sense of urgency? It would be surprising if you did. This is showing a user interface for a transmission control room where operators monitor and manage power grids. Although it may not seem like it,... Read more
Recently, I have been exploring the creative side of artificial neural networks. People have been wondering what these mysterious models can come up with, and this creativity is the controversial side of artificial intelligence; the side that some people fear. The art industry seem to feel... Read more
Data visualizations can have very different goals and functions depending on the area of application. Success must therefore be measured against different quality criteria, depending on the task. When used in data analysis, success means, that a data scientist can identify the structures and patterns that... Read more
On Machine Learning and Programming Languages
This article was co-written by Mike Innes (Julia Computing), David Barber (UCL), Tim Besard (UGent), James Bradbury (Salesforce Research), Valentin Churavy (MIT), Simon Danisch (MIT), Alan Edelman (MIT), Stefan Karpinski (Julia Computing), Jon Malmaud (MIT), Jarrett Revels (MIT), Viral Shah (Julia Computing), Pontus Stenetorp (UCL) and... Read more
Understanding AI Toolkits
This was originally posted on the Silicon Valley Data Science blog. Options for Developing with Deep Learning  Modern artificial intelligence makes many benefits available to business, bringing cognitive abilities to machines at scale. As a field of computer science, AI is moving at an unprecedented rate: the time... Read more
The Chatbot Landscape, 2017 Edition
To help decision makers and users wade around the vast landscape of bots, this landscape gives a high-level overview of providers and tools.   Why this landscape, now? Since we started building bots more than 2 years ago, the landscape has seen massive interest and change. This... Read more
How To Do User Segmentation Right – A Practical Guide for Data Analysts
What You Will Learn: The different ways to segment users Walk through a real-world segmentation exercise There are different ways to segment users – marketers and user researchers typically use the interview or survey methods and segment users based on attitudes or intentions. By contrast, data... Read more
In a previous post, we demonstrated how to use the Python3 library Newspaper to painlessly extract data from news articles. Using Newspaper, I was able to extract text from over a 1000 articles about topics including, but limited to Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data.... Read more
Visual Analytics of Instagram’s #gopro hashtag with AI
Images have become a very common medium of human expression on the internet with the coming up of social networks. Facebook is the biggest repository of digital images ever. This trend is only going to intensify given the emergence of image first platforms like Instagram and... Read more