2022 Data Science Research Round Up: Highlighting ML, DL, NLP, & More
As we close in on the end of 2022, I’m energized by all the amazing work completed by many prominent research groups extending the state of AI, machine learning, deep learning, and NLP in a variety of important directions. In this article, I’ll keep you up... Read more
Debate Over LaMDA Sentience Marks Milestone Moment in AI Development
A moment long prophesied by writers and technologists seems to be upon us at last — that is, if a Google engineer’s claims about machine sentience are to be believed. What Is LaMDA and What Are the Claims? Blake Lemoine was a Google engineer tasked with... Read more
Top Ten European AI Research Labs for 2022
Europe is looking to be the leader in artificial intelligence, and its institutes are busy making sure that becomes a reality. Whether it’s innovation labs or part of a university system, researchers are shaping the future of AI with cutting-edge research and discoveries. Here’s what’s happening... Read more
Study Finds Novel Method of Resolving JPEG Compression Defects in Computer Vision Datasets
Artificial intelligence (AI) is only as good as the data you give it. That’s a foundational rule for applying any kind of data analytics effectively, yet it remains a challenge in many cases. It’s particularly challenging with computer vision, thanks to JPEG compression defects. Compression issues... Read more
Facebook AI and University of Guelph Open-Sources GHN-2 for Fast Initiation of Deep Learning Models
Deep learning has massive potential, but it’s often hard to achieve. These models’ complexity requires extensive training before they’re ready for use, making implementation long and often expensive. Facebook AI Research (FAIR) and the University of Guelph may have found a potential solution. In a recent... Read more
Top Machine Learning Research for the Second Half of 2021
As 2021 draws to a close, I’m energized by all the amazing work completed by many prominent research groups extending the state of machine learning in a variety of important directions. In this article, I’ll keep you up to date with my top picks of machine... Read more
Highlighting Data Science and AI Research Labs on the West Coast
Data science and artificial intelligence research labs are popping up everywhere, and the West Coast in the USA is a hotspot. Between excellent universities focusing on AI, and major tech companies having headquarters there, there’s certainly a lot of buzz around AI in California and surrounding... Read more
17 Compelling Machine Learning Ph.D. Dissertations
Working in the field of data science, I’m always seeking ways to keep current in the field and there are a number of important resources available for this purpose: new book titles, blog articles, conference sessions, Meetups, webinars/podcasts, not to mention the gems floating around in... Read more
Best Deep Learning Research of 2021 So Far
The discipline of AI most often mentioned these days is deep learning (DL) along with its many incarnations implemented with deep neural networks. DL also is a rapidly accelerating area of research with papers being published at a fast clip by research teams from around the... Read more
Standout Artificial Intelligence Labs in India
As dynamic fields, what we can do with and how we apply data science and artificial intelligence is almost constantly changing and growing. Research institutions, in particular, contribute to the discovery of new innovations and applications. Right now, we are seeing a significant amount of interesting... Read more