ImageBind-LLM for Advancement in Multimodality Instruction-Following Modeling
Researchers have introduced ImageBind-LLM, a significant milestone in the evolution of multimodality instruction-following models. What makes this LLM unique is its ability to seamlessly integrate and respond to diverse instructions, making it a valuable asset for data scientists and professionals across the AI landscape. This new... Read more
Alibaba’s Tongyi Qianwen AI Open to the Public
This week, Alibaba released its Tongyi Qianwen AI model to the public. This comes as the Chinese government has pushed forward new regulatory frameworks for governing AI while pushing to help develop domestic AI research. In a report from Reuters, Alibaba seems to signal it gained... Read more
Rackspace Launches ICE: A Generative AI System to Fast-Track Repetitive Tasks and Quickly Analyze Private Data
Rackspace Technology Inc. has launched a new generative artificial intelligence system that they call called ICE. According to a report by the San Antonio Express News, ICE is designed to help businesses fast-track repetitive tasks and quickly analyze private data. ICE is a proprietary system that... Read more
DC Tech Leaders Endorse AI Regulation at Summit in Washington
Leaders of some of the largest tech companies met in Washington D.C. for a hearing at the U.S. Senate, and have endorsed the idea of government regulation of AI. According to a report by the Associated Press, this agreement came during a closed-door meeting between lawmakers... Read more
MLCommons Unveiled New Benchmark Speed Test for Running AI Models
On Monday, an AI benchmark group called MLCommons unveiled the results of some new tests that determine how quickly the best hardware can run AI Models. The report via Reuters shows that the top performer for these tests was a chip from Nvidia. The MLCommons test... Read more
Directors Guillermo del Toro and Tim Burton Have Two Different Views of AI
Oscar-winning directors Guillermo del Toro and Tim Burton have two very interesting takes on AI and its possible impacts. Though not opposite of each other, both directors have expressed views of the technology and reflect on its coming ascension in Hollywood. In the case of Tim... Read more
Khan Academy Releases Khanmigo, a Generative AI Learning Tutor
AI has been a concerning subject for many educators since the release of ChatGPT in November 2022. But if Khan Academy has its way, AI won’t be doing a student’s work, instead it will become a supercharged tutor and teaching assistant. This is where Khanmigo comes... Read more
Congress to Hold New Hearings on AI
Next week is going to be a hot week for AI and Congress. That’s because Congress will hold three hearings on artificial intelligence, one including tech giant Microsoft. According to Reuters, the hearings will also have Microsoft President Brad Smith and Nvidia Chief Scientist William Daly... Read more
Microsoft Files a Patent on its New AI-Powered Smart Backpack
Back in May, Microsoft filed a patent that is looking to turn wearable technology on its head. This new smart backpack hopes to expand what is possible when it comes it AI-supported technology. As one would imagine, the goal of such a piece of technology is... Read more
AI Chip Startup d-Matrix Raises $110 Million From Investors
The AI chip startup d-Matrix has raised $110 million from notable investors such as Microsoft. This comes during a time when other chip companies are finding it difficult to raise capital. According to Reuters, this came during the startup’s series B funding round which was led... Read more