Courts Revolt Against Artificial Intelligence in Law
In less than a month, the first AI-powered legal defense was to take place in California, possibly creating a new precedent in law and yet another advancement for artificial intelligence in law. But, that doesn’t seem to be the case any longer. In case you didn’t... Read more
AI-Generated Speech Brought to The US House of Representatives
Artificial intelligence is becoming a hot topic in many legislative bodies. So it’s no surprise that the topic would be brought up in the U.S. House of Representatives about a bill focused on the topic. U.S. Rep. Jake Auchincloss decided to use ChatGPT to generate a... Read more
ChatGPT Passes Another Test – Amazon’s Software Interview Questions
It seems that OpenAI’s ChatGPT is on a roll when it comes to tests. Recently, the popular AI was able to pass an MBA examination, surprising some. Now, ChatGPT has answered the technical interview questions correctly for a software position at Amazon according to Business Insider.... Read more
ChatGPT to Become Available in Microsoft Tools According to CEO Satya Nadella
Can you imagine working on an Excel file and ChatGPT is on hand helping you lay out macros and formulas? Hours of mundane work could almost instantly be done thanks in part to the program. Well, this is a future that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is... Read more
EU to Aggregate Cancer Imaging Data with AI to Speed Up Diagnosis
In a bid to speed up innovation and early cancer diagnosis, the European Union is using artificial intelligence to aggregate cancer imaging data. As many know, the earlier cancer is found, the easier and less resource-intensive it is to treat the disease. So to begin this,... Read more
OpenAI’s ChatGPT Passes Wharton MBA Exam
OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been the talk of the internet since its debut in the public imagination in late November of last year. Since then, the possible ramifications of AI as a disruptor in higher education have caused a stir among educators, with reports of companies already... Read more
Artificial Intelligence IPA is Officially Here
Are you ready to be served a nice cold IPA? What would you think if it was brewed using artificial intelligence? Well for one brewery, AI and IPAs are going hand in hand. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the city’s largest brewery has released a... Read more
The Use of AI for Ambulance Calls Cause Concern for Paramedics
With the launch of AI assisting emergency responders with dispatched calls, the head of the association representing paramedics is concerned about possible technical issues. In a report by the CBC, Ambulance New Brunswick rolled out a new AI-powered dispatch system, moving its older radio-based system as... Read more
Expert: 90% of Online Content Could be Generated by AI
While speaking to Yahoo Finance, Nina Schick, AI thought leader, had some bold predictions about AI’s role in content creation and the future. Looking at the current popularity of  OpenAI’s ChatGPT, she stated, “I think we might reach 90% of online content generated by AI by... Read more
Microsoft’s New AI VALL-E Only Needs 3 Seconds of Audio to Simulate Your Voice
Remember all of those sci-fi movies and TV shows where a character used a simple device to replicate a person’s voice? Well, that kind of technology might not be in the realm of sci-fi for much longer. That’s because last week, Microsoft unveiled their latest text-to-speech... Read more