Italy Eyeing State-Backed Fund to Promote AI Startups
In a bid to boost native AI startups, Italy is eyeing a state-backed fund to promote its own market. According to Reuters, the Italian government plans to set up an investment fund backed by state lender Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) to promote startup investments in... Read more
White House Looks to New Road Map for Handling Artificial Intelligence
Last week, the Biden administration released a series of documents that it calls a “road map” on the issue of artificial intelligence. In short, the pledge by the administration is to get smart when it comes to AI. This comes as AI continues gaining steam in... Read more
Microsoft AI-Powered Assistant Copilot Will Be Accessible Through Windows Taskbar
On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that it is building an AI chat interface directly into the Windows operating system. Some of the features users can expect are music suggestions, document summarization, tech support, and answering questions similar to their search engine Bing. This is yet another major... Read more
Generative AI May Help You Design Your New Game Character
If legendary gaming studio Blizzard has its way, generative AI may be the next step in immersing in a game.  Blizzard isn’t a stranger to looking toward AI for ways to enhance user experiences while in-game. Just last November, we reported a patent that sought to... Read more
Google Unveils PaLM 2: A Versatile Language Model Integrated Into Google Products
Google has taken a major step forward in the AI gold rush with the introduction of PaLM 2, the second generation of its large-scale language model. PaLM 2, powered by the innovative Carbon AI control system, brings human-like intelligence to Google’s products and services, including Bard,... Read more
Sudowrite – The AI Novel Writing Partner
On Wednesday, James Yu, sci-fi writer and founder of Sudowrite – a full-service long-form storytelling AI – took to Twitter to announce his program’s new story engine.  It promises to help authors streamline the entire writing process from concept to draft and beyond. It might be... Read more
Meet Phoenix: A Humanoid Robot Powered by an AI Control System
On Tuesday, Sanctuary AI officially introduced the world to Phoenix. Powered by the Carbon AI control system, Phoenix isn’t just a robot, but a general-purpose robot that is specifically designed for work. You can see the Twitter post below: Introducing Phoenix: a revolutionary humanoid general-purpose robot... Read more
After ChatGPT Falsely Claimed Papers Written by AI, Texas Professor Fails More Than Half of His Class
A professor at Texas A&M-Commerce failed more than half of his class after ChatGPT wrongly flagged papers. In a report by Rolling Stone, ChatGPT falsely flagged papers, resulting in diplomas being withheld. So how did this happen? Well according to the report, Dr. Jared Mumm, the... Read more
Tom Hanks Believes That He’ll Be in Movies Long After His Death Thanks to AI
Because of rapid advances in AI, Oscar-winner Tom Hanks believes that he’ll still be in movies long after his death. Though this might be strange to some, he may not be wrong due to new deepfake technologies and other programs. The actor came to this conclusion... Read more
Top Data Science and AI News: April 2023
April has been a fantastic month for AI news. Between new open source programs, to Microsoft upsetting Google in the search engine space. AI has yet again proven to be an impactful disruptor in multiple industries. So let’s take a dive into some of the top... Read more