Top AI Healthcare and Biopharma News in 2022
Medicine has seen some major advancements in 2022 thanks to AI-powered tools and research, from a new way to detect Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes, birth defects, and more. It’s clear that researchers are going all in with AI to empower medicine so that patients can receive... Read more
Top Data Science and AI News from 2022
2022 has been a rollercoaster of a year when it comes to artificial intelligence. From art, video, medicine, and AI hitting the mainstream, it seems that this year has become the year that the public at large is talking about artificial intelligence and AI news.  With... Read more
AI Might Help Astronomers Better Understand Gamma-Ray Bursts
Gamma-ray bursts are the most powerful explosions in the universe and with the help of AI, astronomers hope to learn more. Compared to supernovas, gamma-ray bursts are on a level of their own. As it stands, these explosions come in two types, long-duration and short-duration, and... Read more
Restaurant Chain Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza & Wings Introduces AI Answering System
Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza & Wings is introducing a new AI answering system to stay ahead of customer preferences. The company announced on Monday that it will introduce this new AI system at all 60 corporate-owned locations. According to PRNewswire, the systems will leverage ConverseNow, an... Read more
Disney Researchers Have Developed an AI-Powered Tool to Age or De-Age Actors
Disney’s research and development into artificial intelligence is about to take another step forward, going beyond just AI to de-age actors. Earlier this year we reported how Darth Vader’s voice actor, James Earl Jones, retired from the character and gave permission for an AI startup to... Read more
New AI-Powered App Lensa is Causing a Stir Within the Art Community
Lensa, the AI-powered app that promises users the ability to morph photos into stylized art has hit the internet by storm. Though not a new app, its latest “Magic Avatars” feature has gone viral, with users on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, sharing the hashtag #Lensa to... Read more
DeepMind Has Developed a New AI Program That Has Mastered Stratego – Should We Be Worried?
For fans of the classic board game Stratego, researchers at DeepMind may have created your nemesis. DeepNash, the latest offering from the well-known research group, is a new AI that has mastered the game of Stratego. Making the announcement on Twitter, they make the claim that... Read more
New AI Model Predicts the Onset of Type 2 Diabetes Within 12 Hours
A new AI model looks to diagnose type 2 diabetes with just 12 hours of glucose profile data. If proven to work at scale, it could assist medical professionals in making quicker diagnoses of the disease before impaired glucose tolerance. Worldwide, type 2 diabetes affects around... Read more
After 70,000 Hours of Viewing Minecraft, OpenAI’s Bot is Ready to Play
A new player is ready as a bot from OpenAI has watched 70,000 hours of players on Minecraft and is ready to game. According to a report from the MIT Technology Review, a bot was trained on tens of thousands of hours of players playing the... Read more
Google Announces Partnership With iCAD For AI-Enabled Cancer Detection Software
Earlier this week, search engine giant Google announced that it was entering into a partnership with iCAD to help in the fight against breast cancer. The announcement states that iCAD, a cancer detection company, will enter into a licensing partnership. Through the partnership, iCAD will integrate... Read more