Kylie Verzosa Has Announced a Partnership With an AI company to Make an AI Model of Herself
Filipino actress, Kylie Verzosa has announced that she will partner with a San Francisco-based company to make an AL model of herself. This would reportedly make her the first Asian celebrity to do so.  This report comes from NextShark and will see the former Miss International... Read more
Japanese Government to Adapt ChatGPT Tech for Administrative Tasks
Tech giant Microsoft will be supplying the Japanese government with generative AI tools to help it with administrative tasks. According to Nikkei, the tools will also assist in responding to parliamentary queries for the Japanese Diet, a first in Asia. As one might imagine, there are... Read more
Streaming Giant Netflix Lists AI Job at $900,000 as Writer Strike Continues
Do you enjoy stream services and have a keen eye for machine learning product management? If so, then you might want to take a look at this listing recently put up by the streaming giant Netflix. The salary, which seems a high range of $900,000 for... Read more
Meet Google’s RT-2 AI Model – A Robot That Learns Like a Human
Though neural networks are inspired by the way human brains operate, they aren’t quite the same. But, if Google’s new RT-2 Model works as promised, it might be a major step in the direction of human-like AI. Introduced by Google’s DeepMind, the model promises to learn... Read more
Artificial Intelligence Aiding in the Fight Against Wildfires
In a report from MSN.com, researchers from the University of Ottawa and the University of Hawaii are working together to unlock AI’s potential in combating wildfires. This comes as wildfires are currently burning in Canada, Sicily, and other parts of the world. All of this is... Read more
Global Market for AI Chips Will See a Massive CAGR of 31.8% Through 2031
According to a report by Transparency Market Research Inc., via Yahoo! Finance, the global market for AI chipsets will see a massive 31.8% CAGR from 2022 to 2031. Already, the global market for AI chipsets sat at a valuation of around USD 45.5 billion in 2021.... Read more
Georgia Tech Paper Proposes AI Method Identifying Potential Superconductors Faster
Superconductors are an important component when it comes to cutting-edge technology in transportation, energy, and other industries. A new paper from Georgia Tech and Hanoi University of Science and Technology is proposing using a method powered by AI to identify potential superconductors faster. According to the... Read more
A Neuroscience Expert is Calling For a “Neuroshield” Against AI
In a paper from Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, a neuroscience expert is arguing that there is an “urgent” need to develop a system of digital self-defense against AI. This comes in a time of a growing call for AI regulation focused on AI... Read more
BTS Label HYBE Looks to AI to Release Tracks in Multiple Languages
South Korea’s largest music label, HYBE, made internally famous due to top group BTS, is looking to AI to help bridge the language gap. According to a report by Reuters, the label used AI to help release a track by label singer MIDNATT in six languages.... Read more
Players of World of Warcraft Tricked AI-Scraping Game Website Into Publishing Fake News
Users on Reddit decided to see if they could fool AI-scraping bots after discovering zleague.gg. What makes this blog interesting is that it uses an AI scraping bot to take information from their sub-Reddit and creates posts from them. So they decided to get back at... Read more