Report: Google Facing Off Against AI-Enhanced Bing With AI-Powered Search Tools Next Month
In a report by The New York Times, Google is poised to release new AI-powered search tools within a month. But that’s not all, as in the same report, it seems that Google is also planning to release even more features this fall in a direct... Read more
Databricks Introduces Dolly 2.0: The World’s First Open Instruction-Tuned LLM
CEO & Co-Founder of Databricks, Ali Ghodsi took to LinkedIn to introduce to the world, Dolly 2.0 – the world’s first open-source LLM that is instruction-following and fine-tuned on a human-generated instruction dataset licensed for commercial use. In a blog post, Databricks opened up about Dolly... Read more
Researchers Create AI Village Within the Sims Inspired Sandbox With ChatGPT
In a new paper by researchers out of Stanford, Generative AI was used to create a town full of unique avatars. Powered by ChatGPT, each had their own unique identities, memories, and behaviors, that interacted independently. Using the popular video game The Sims for inspiration, the... Read more
Python Software Foundation Concerned About “Unintended Consequences” of Proposed EU Law
In a blog post by the Python Software Foundation, the group outlines concerns about the EU’s Cyber Resilience Act and Product Liability Act. Though they make clear that the foundation is in support of the state goals of the policies. They worry about the effects of... Read more
US Police Have Used Clearview AI for Facial Recognition For Nearly 1 Million Searches
The CEO and Founder of Clearview AI have revealed police have run nearly a million searches in the United States using its facial recognition software. According to founder Hoan Ton-That, the company has over 30 billion images of users thanks to efforts to scrap image data... Read more
Goldman Sachs Report: Global GPD Could See a Boost Thanks to Generative AI
If the Goldman Sachs report comes to pass, the global GDP could see a significant rise thanks to generative AI. Released on April 5th, the report details the potential of AI to bring sweeping change to the global economy as a whole. Much of this is... Read more
Google CEO Sundar Pichai Says Search Engine Will Add AI Chat
Not wanting to be outshined by Microsoft’s Bing. Google CEO Sundar Pichai says that the company will use AI to help beef up the offers of its popular search engine. According to Pichai, the goal is for users to interact with it in more human-like ways.... Read more
DiffDock Hopes to Speed Up Drug Discovery Through Generative AI
MIT researchers are hoping their new generative AI model, DiffDock, can unlock the future of faster drug discoveries with few adverse side effects. The future of AI and healthcare is one that many hope not only to reduce care-related costs but also to improve all patient... Read more
11-Year-Old Develops New AI-Powered App That Detects Eye Diseases With Up to 70% Accuracy
An 11-year-old programming prodigy named Leena Rafeeq announced the creation of a new AI app that can detect eye diseases. According to her post on LinkedIn, the AI-powered app, Ogler Eyescan, can detect diseases with up to 70% accuracy. This is all tied to how iPhones... Read more
Top Data Science and AI News: March 2023
March has been a hotbed of news when it comes to AI and data science. Everything from the introduction of GPT-4 to Google’s Bard large language model, to the FTC warning AI labs to not expatriate their claims, March has been one eventful month. So let’s... Read more