First Supernova Discovered by AI
A new AI tool has helped to successfully detect, identify, and classify a supernova in a first for AI. Called Bright Transient Survey BO or BTSbot for short, is a product of an international collaboration led by Northwestern University, University of Minnesota, Liverpool John Mores University... Read more
New York City Introduces AI Action Plan
New York City today has introduced an AI Action Plan. Billed as a first-of-its-kind move, the city is the first major U.S. to create a framework for city agencies to evaluate AI tools and the associated risks of using AI-powered tools. Unveiled at City Hall, officials... Read more
Walmart Looking at AI to Provide a More Personalized Shopping Experience
Retail giant Walmart is looking to AI to help provide customers with a more personalized shopping experience. This isn’t the company’s first program that is using generative AI as earlier this year, it created an AI-powered app for workers in its corporate office. According to a... Read more
CEOs Across Industries View AI as a “Top Investment Priority” Moving Forward
Though this isn’t unexpected, it’s clear that since AI has quickly scaled in multiple industries, CEOS across the board are looking to it to gain a competitive edge. According to a report from Axios, in a new survey, over 72% of U.S. CEOS say generative AI... Read more
Geoffrey Hinton, Godfather of AI Fears for Humanity’s Fate
Recently, Geoffrey Hinton, the Godfather of AI, sat down with 60 Minutes to discuss AI and his worries for humanity’s future. During Sunday’s episode, Hinton broke down what AI could mean for the human race in the coming years; this included both positive and negative aspects.... Read more
Researchers from Google and Cornell Introduce DynIBaR: Revolutionizing Dynamic Scene Reconstruction with AI
A new paper from researchers from Google and Cornell has introduced DynlBaR, a new method for generating photorealistic free-viewpoint rendering. And according to the team, it all comes from a single video of a complex and dynamic scene. In recent years, the field of computer vision... Read more
Leveraging AI to Prevent Homelessness: A Game-Changer in Los Angeles
A new report by NPR showcases how the sprawling city of Los Angeles, where the issue of homelessness continues to escalate despite massive efforts and investments, is experimenting with AI to predict and prevent homelessness. The report begins with the story of Dulce Volantin and Valarie Zayas,... Read more
Meta AI Researchers Propose Advanced Long-Context LLMs
In a new paper, researchers at Meta AI are proposing advanced long-context LLMs to address the lack of access to LLMs with robust long-context capabilities. In the past, this has primarily been available via proprietary APIs. The problem though, is that this approach left a void... Read more
Google’s DeepMind is Revolutionizing Robotics
Thanks to a collaborative effort between Google’s Deepmind and 33 academic labs, the world of robotics might be turned upside down. The goal of this venture is to break robotics out of the rigid paradigm of specific datasets for specific tasks. According to their blog, if... Read more
Tom Hanks Warns Fans of AI Generated Deepfake
On Saturday, the Oscar-winning actor took to Instagram to warn fans of an AI-generated video of the actor promoting a dental program. In the post, the actor said “BEWARE!! There’s a video out there promoting some dental plan with an AI version of me. I have... Read more