OpenAI Pushes Additional Funding for Artificial General Intelligence
CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, is pushing for additional funding toward artificial general intelligence according to an interview with the Financial Times. The goal of this is to create an AI that could match human intelligence, if not surpass it. Microsoft, a heavy investor in the... Read more
Trending AI GitHub Repos: Week of November 13, 2023
It’s the week of November 13th and it’s almost halfway through the month. But before we talk about turkey day it’s time to check out this week’s top five repos.  Again, we have some familiar repos, but a few more are new to the lists with... Read more
Second AI-Powered Candidate Seeks Office in Japan
AI seems to be spreading not just across industries, but also in public office. Or at least it’s attempting to. In the Japanese town of Manazuru, a mayoral candidate called AI メイヤー hopes to be the first AI-powered office holder in Japan. But AI Mayor isn’t... Read more
Study Hopes to Unlock the Potential of LLMs in Mathematical Problem-Solving
In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, even the most advanced LLMs, including GPT-4 and PaLM 2, face challenges when it comes to solving complex mathematical problems. A recent study by researchers from Google and Yale hopes to shed light on how LLMs can overcome these... Read more
OpenAI Announces its Newest Model GPT-4 Turbo
This week, OpenAI recently announced multiple new features for ChatGPT through a blog on its official website.  They also released new information on other AI-powered tools during its recent developer conference. It seems that 2023 will be a year of GPT launches as back in March,... Read more
Trending AI GitHub Repos: Week of November 6, 2023
It’s the week of November 6th, so that means it’s time to check out this week’s top five repos.  This week, we have a set of new entries ranging from education-focused repos for generative AI, to an open-source payment processor. So take a look and see... Read more
Stability AI Introduces New 3D Enhancements to Stable Diffusion
Stability AI has introduced new enhancements to its Stable Diffusion platform, most notably a new Stable 3D model. According to a report by Venturebeat.com, this move is the first major one that focuses on 3D content creation for the AI-powered image generator.   But this isn’t the... Read more
Google Brain Co-Founder Claims Tech Companies Inflating Fears About AI Risks
Andrew Ng, adjunct professor at Stanford University and co-founder of Google Brain claims that companies are inflating fears about risks associated with AI. Andrew made this claim to The Australian Financial Review stating that tech companies are hoping for tighter regulation on the premise that “AI... Read more
White House Signs Executive Order to Address AI Safety Concerns
On Monday, the Biden Administration signed an executive order on AI that aims to address concerns on safety while not hampering innovation. The goal of this order is an attempt to balance consumer rights, market needs, and national security concerns by creating an early set of... Read more
Trending AI GitHub Repos: Week of October 23, 2023
This week’s top five repos have a lot of familiar faces with a new repo making its way to the top five. Though this isn’t completely unusual, it’s also good to get a reintroduction to previously mentioned repos as their popularity tends to be due to... Read more