Ubisoft Introduces “Ghostwriter” AI-Powered Video Game Dialogue Generator
The popularity of open-world games has grown over the last few years. Much of this is due to their immersive worlds, which tend to be so vast that players could spend hours just walking around enjoying the slightest details. Some of these include games such as... Read more
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Warns of Potential Risks in Unregulated AI Development
Last week, during an interview with ABC News, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman expressed concerns about the safety of artificial intelligence technology in the hands of bad actors. During the interview, he warned of the risks associated with other AI developers who may not put safety limits... Read more
PyTorch 2.0 Officially Released
In a blog post by Team PyTorch, the announcement of the release of PyTorch 2.0, the popular open-source machine learning framework, has been made official. As you can imagine, the release has been eagerly anticipated by the data science community, and from the looks of it,... Read more
Revolutionizing the Way We Work: Microsoft 365’s Upgraded Suite with Generative AI
Yesterday, Microsoft announced an upgrade to its popular Microsoft 365 suite of apps, providing access to generative AI technology powered by OpenAI for its approximately 400 million paid users. The upgrade brings a host of new capabilities that can revolutionize the way people work, making their... Read more
FTC Attorney Warns Businesses to Keep AI Claims in Check
In recent years, artificial intelligence has become a buzzword in the tech industry, with companies across various sectors touting the benefits of AI-enabled products. However, the Federal Trade Commission’s Michael Atleson, Attorney within the FTC Division of Advertising Practices, warns businesses that make exaggerated or false... Read more
If GM Has Its Way, You’ll Have Your Own Knight Rider-Style Car…Sort of
Since its inception, Knight Rider had captured the imaginations of a generation. It was an artificially intelligent car that not only was able to drive autonomously and make up-to-the-moment corrections, but also spoke back to the driver and held out conversations. If you are a fan... Read more
OpenAI Delivers Summary of GPT-4’s Abilities
OpenAI has announced that GPT-4 is currently in development, and while there are no official release dates, there is plenty of excitement surrounding what this latest iteration of the GPT series may be capable of. Currently, it will be made available to ChatGPT Plus users and... Read more
Report: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Call for AI Regulation Framework
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a leading business lobbying group, made headlines recently by calling for regulation of artificial intelligence technology to ensure it does not harm growth or pose a national security risk in a new report released by the group. It asks that policymakers... Read more
AI-Powered Robots Can Bring Efficiency Revolution in Agriculture
In what could be an AI-power revolution in agriculture, startup FarmWise is using autonomous machines to remove weeds without the need for herbicides. Anyone who has gardened, or at least had to pull weeds, knows how time-consuming maintaining a weed-free field is. But it’s not just... Read more
Startup Behind AI DoNotPay Being Sued for Lack of Law License
The lawyer AI saga seems to have only gotten started. As we reported earlier this year, DoNotPay faced great scrutiny from legal professionals who decided to bow out of the courtroom, at least for now. But that doesn’t seem to be enough as one law firm... Read more