Skyrim Mod Powered by ChatGPT Gives NPCs Memories
A new mod for Skyrim allows for in-game NPCS to hold memories, and generate conversations with the player using ChatGPT.  The gaming community has had a long fascination with creating immersive environments and realistic NPCs. The ChatGPT-powered mod is so powerful, that communities online have taken... Read more
Fast Food Giant Wendy’s to Automate its Drive-Through With AI
Wendy’s, the Ohio-based fast-food chain, has announced plans to deploy AI chatbots in its drive-through service according to The Wall Street Journal. The chatbots will be powered by NLP software developed by Google and trained to understand how customers order off the menu. The initiative is... Read more
Midjourney 5.1 Brings New Changes to AI Image Creation
Midjourney, the popular online service that allows users to create images using generative artificial intelligence, has released a new version that promises significant changes in the quality and style of images. Midjourney 5.1, released on May 3, features improved accuracy, fewer unwanted borders or text artifacts,... Read more
Geoffrey Hinton Leaves Google and Warns of Future Dangers in AI
On his way out of Google, Geoffrey Hinton, pioneering researcher and the so-called “Godfather of AI,” left his role at the tech giant so he could be more open about concerns he has with AI. While speaking with the BBC, Hinton warned of the rapid advancement... Read more
Google AI Unveils JaxPruner: A Powerful Open-Source Library for Pruning and Sparse Training in Machine Learning
Google AI has released an open-source pruning and sparse training library for machine learning researchers called JaxPruner. The library was created to provide a comprehensive toolkit that would make it easier for researchers to quickly develop and assess sparsity concepts against various dynamic benchmarks. Over the... Read more
Meet StableVicuna, The First Large-Scale Open-Source RLHF Chatbot by Stability AI
The development and release of chatbots have been significant in recent months. Open-source alternatives have further fueled interest in tuning large language models for a chat. However, there is a lack of open-source models that have applied both instruction finetuning and reinforcement learning through human feedback... Read more
According to Q1 Reports, Microsoft Holding AI Edge Over Rival Google
According to an earnings report on Tuesday, Microsoft is holding the AI edge over rival Google. The company has been making no secret that it views AI as a significant ingredient to its future prospects. This could be an issue for rival Google as Bard, their... Read more
Film Director Joe Russo Believes AI Could be Making Movies in Two Years
While speaking about the future of storytelling with Collider, Avenger’s director Joe Russo says he believes that AI could be making movies in as little as two years. Speaking from his own experience, “I’m on the board of a few AI companies,” it seems that the... Read more
Coca-Cola is Now Integrating AI for Products and Services
Popular beverage manufacturer, Coca-Cola, has joined the AI train. According to a report by Fox Business, the soda giant has begun to integrate AI into various verticals within the company, primarily focusing on improvements of products and services to customers. This news came to light as... Read more
Report: Google DeepMind and Google Brain Join Forces to Accelerate Progress in AI
Google has announced in a post that the DeepMind AI research team and the Brain team from Google Research will merge to form a single unit called Google DeepMind. This move aims to accelerate progress in AI and develop more capable AI systems safely and responsibly.... Read more