Have You Met FinGPT? A New Open-Source Financial Large Language Model
Since the public’s introduction to large language models, with the release of ChatGPT last November, the development of new LLMs has advanced rapidly. A new open-source LLM specializing in finance has been released. Meet, FinGPT, the latest in advancing financial research, cooperation, and innovation. FinGPT’s approach... Read more
Meta’s LLaMA May Become Commercially Available
Though Meta’s LLaMA is only available to researchers, it seems that its open-source LLM may become commercially available. This report comes to us from The Information, which comes right after the inquiries by lawmakers of LLaMA’s leak. Two U.S. Senators sent a letter to Meta CEO... Read more
Google Introduces Imagen: A Text-to-Image Diffusion Model With a Focus on Photorealism
Google has unveiled Imagen, a groundbreaking text-to-image diffusion model that pushes the boundaries of photorealism while demonstrating an advanced level of language understanding. According to the post by Google Research, Imagen combines the power of large transformer language models with the capabilities of diffusion models. The... Read more
Publisher Gannett is Introducing Generative AI With Caution
According to a report by Reuters, Publisher Gannett is planning on introducing generative AI in its systems. But they plan on doing so with caution, provided that humans have the final word on any releases. The goal is to use the system to publish stories in... Read more
Meta Introduces Voicebox: A New AI for Speech Generation
In a blog post, Meta introduced Voicebox, what they call “a breakthrough in generative AI for speech.” According to the team at Meta, this state-of-the-art AI model is able to perform speech-generated tasks. Think of, editing, sampling, and stylizing. Some of the editing that Voicebox can... Read more
Chinese President Xi Jinping Tells Bill Gates That He Welcomes U.S. AI Tech in China
While speaking about the rise of artificial intelligence on the global stage, Chinese President Xi Jinping told Bill Gates that he welcomed U.S. firms, including Microsoft, bringing their AI tech to China. According to a source, they told Reuters, the topic came up during a business... Read more
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Meets with Prominent Business Leaders in Japan
Yesterday, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman met with business leaders in Japan including SoftBank Group Chairman Masayoshi Son. In a report by NikkeiAsia, Altman also took some time to speak with college students at a seminar at Keio University in Tokyo. According to the same report, the... Read more
Google Cloud and Mayo Clinic are Partnering to Expand Generative AI Into Healthcare
Last week, it was announced that Google Cloud was partnering with Mayo Clinic to expand generative AI into the healthcare space. In the blog, the pair is testing a new service called Enterprise Search on Generative AI App Builder. The tool allows users to create their... Read more
OpenAI Sued Over ChatGPT’s Accusations
It looks like that OpenAI has been hit with its first defamation lawsuit due to a response from ChatGPT.  The response generated false information against a radio host in Georgia by the name of Mark Walters. Walters is suing OpenAI because ChatGPT falsely stated that he... Read more
Top Data Science and AI News: May 2023
Summer is almost here and news about AI has only grown in May. We’re going to take a look a May’s news highlights which include new Google’s new LLM, ChatGPT falsely claiming students cheated on a paper, Geoffrey Hinton’s concerns about AI, and more. So let’s... Read more