Artificial Intelligence IPA is Officially Here
Are you ready to be served a nice cold IPA? What would you think if it was brewed using artificial intelligence? Well for one brewery, AI and IPAs are going hand in hand. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the city’s largest brewery has released a... Read more
The Use of AI for Ambulance Calls Cause Concern for Paramedics
With the launch of AI assisting emergency responders with dispatched calls, the head of the association representing paramedics is concerned about possible technical issues. In a report by the CBC, Ambulance New Brunswick rolled out a new AI-powered dispatch system, moving its older radio-based system as... Read more
Expert: 90% of Online Content Could be Generated by AI
While speaking to Yahoo Finance, Nina Schick, AI thought leader, had some bold predictions about AI’s role in content creation and the future. Looking at the current popularity of  OpenAI’s ChatGPT, she stated, “I think we might reach 90% of online content generated by AI by... Read more
Microsoft’s New AI VALL-E Only Needs 3 Seconds of Audio to Simulate Your Voice
Remember all of those sci-fi movies and TV shows where a character used a simple device to replicate a person’s voice? Well, that kind of technology might not be in the realm of sci-fi for much longer. That’s because last week, Microsoft unveiled their latest text-to-speech... Read more
New Deep Learning Algorithm Can Tell if You’re Above the Legal Drinking Limit
A new deep learning algorithm just needs 12 seconds to determine if you’re above the legal drinking limit. This comes to us from a paper published in Science Direct which states that La Trobe University researchers developed an algorithm that only needs about 12 seconds of... Read more
Researchers in Turkey are Using AI to Read Cuneatic Hittite Tablets
Thanks to new AI technology, almost 2,000 ancient Hittite tablets are being read for the first time.  In a report by Arkeonews.net, the tablets, which are kept in the collections of the Çorum Museum, the Istanbul Archaeology Museum, and the Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum, have finished... Read more
Report: Microsoft About to Close $10 Billion Investment Deal with OpenAI
Reports are pouring in that tech giant Microsoft is poised to invest $10 billion, at a $29 billion valuation, in ChatGPT creator OpenAI. Though unconfirmed, sources are reporting that discussions are underway that could leave Microsoft with a 49% stake in the AI start-up. This would... Read more
Start-Up DuckDuckGoose is Using Artificial Intelligence to Spot Deepfakes
Concern has been growing for some time about the effectiveness of AI-generated deepfakes. So much so, that the government of China recently laid out guidelines requiring watermarks on deepfakes that also include their creator’s information. But now, a new start-up called DuckDuckGoose is using AI to... Read more
New App GPTZero Can Detect if an Essay Was Authored by AI
It might seem that the days of AI-assisted or authored essays are coming to an end. That’s because a senior at Princeton University created an app to detect text written by AI. Over the last few months, the world of higher education has been on high... Read more
Company Behind First Ever AI Lawyer DoNotPay Wants to Take it the US Supreme Court
Last week, we reported how an AI was set to make legal history by assisting in the defense of an accused speeder. Now, it seems that the company behind the program, DoNotPay, wants to take their program to the US Supreme Court. This came to be... Read more