DALL-E Has Taken the Most Terrifying Selfies Ever
Open AI’s DALL-E, created by the non-profit’s GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence system, made a fascinating picture when it was asked to take what it thought would be the last selfie that a human would ever take on Earth. The program, which is designed to produce original images... Read more
This AI Rejects Your Physics and Replaces it With its Own
One of the main benefits of artificial intelligence is how AI is able to complement human labor and enhance our abilities, both in physical tasks and cognitively demanding roles. Now, thanks to a study by Columbia University, an AI program has observed physical phenomena and likely... Read more
Google AI Engineer Blake Lemoine Claims LaMDA is Truly Sentient
The question of sentience and Artificial Intelligence is again in the news and outside the confines of science fiction. News broke back in June that former Google Engineer, Blake Lemoine, claimed that the company’s AI Chatbox, LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications, and Lemoine) had become... Read more
Debate Over LaMDA Sentience Marks Milestone Moment in AI Development
A moment long prophesied by writers and technologists seems to be upon us at last — that is, if a Google engineer’s claims about machine sentience are to be believed. What Is LaMDA and What Are the Claims? Blake Lemoine was a Google engineer tasked with... Read more
A-Eye? New Technology Allows AI to See with Human-Like Eyes
There might be a revolution in the way artificial intelligence centers around recreating how the human retina works. If proven to work on scale, this could be a major advancement for not only robots, and self-driving cars, but other devices that could be enhanced by pattern... Read more
Researchers Use AI and Deep Learning to Identify Potential Birth Defects
Researchers at the University of Ottawa are pioneering the use of an artificial intelligence-based deep learning model to assist doctors in rapidly reading ultrasound images and locating possible birth defects early in pregnancy. The goal of the study was to demonstrate the potential of using a... Read more
NY Among Early Adopters of AI Robots as Companions for Older Adults
The number of adults reaching retirement age in the United States is climbing yearly. In 2019, adults aged 65 and older represented 16% of the population, totaling more than 54 million. While many of these adults are still living independently, a growing number is aging in... Read more
Do Babies Hold the Key to Helping AI Learn Like Humans?
Could better understanding how human babies learn about basic motions bring us closer to AI that can learn like humans? According to the results of a new study published in Nature Human Behavior, computer scientists might have taught an AI program how to express surprise –... Read more
Wikipedia Partners with Meta for Open-Sourced AI to Fact Check New Entries
The world’s largest open-access encyclopedia, Wikipedia, is officially teaming up with Meta AI to fact-check citations as the size of entries continues to rise. Though article growth peaked around 2010, the size of individual articles has continued to grow as time has gone on. This has... Read more
AI Trained to Generate Novel Molecular Materials with a Generative Graph Grammar Model
Emerging technologies in the scientific community are helping researchers achieve more goals and make discoveries. Revolutionary tech such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have already disrupted various industries, from manufacturing to retail and beyond. ML has expedited the discovery process, especially for grad... Read more