Meta Introduces New Text-to-Video AI Generator, Make-A-Video
Over the last few months, images created by using text descriptions such as DALL-E, ROBOMOJO, DeepDream, and others have dominated the news as more and more non-data science professionals have used the programs to create unique photos and even award-winning artwork. Now, Meta has introduced the... Read more
Chipotle Unveils AI Chippy to Help with Making Chips
Artificial intelligence is poised to make an impact in a Chipotle near you. Like other restaurant companies that are implementing AI as a means to improve human performance on the ground, the Mexican food-inspired establishment has revealed a series of new technology updates with the goal... Read more
James Earl Jones Retires Iconic Darth Vader Voice With the Help of AI
The role of artificial intelligence has been growing in cinema over the years. In recent years, Lucasfilm has used AI to de-age Mark Hamill for Luke Skywalker’s surprise appearance in The Mandalorian, and again with horror icon Peter Cushing to reprise his role of Grand Moff... Read more
Artist Uses AI to Bring Life to Dead Celebrities
We know of many artists and celebrities who have passed away both unexpectedly and at a young age. Since the loss of young figures from James Dean to Jiles Perry (also known as the Big Bopper), many have wondered what these celebrities would have looked like... Read more
The Game Does Exist: AI-Generated Games Are Now a Thing
Over the past few months, news related to artificial intelligence has been plagued with mentions of art created by using text prompts. This allows AI programs such as DALL-E 2 to take what is written to generate, oftentimes, awe-inspiring imagery, which is now sparking a bit... Read more
Are Artificial Intelligence Programs Poised to Become Rule Breakers?
Researchers at Google’s DeepMind and the University of Oxford have come to a chilling conclusion. Not only is it possible for artificial intelligence programs to go rogue, but if they do so, humanity’s future might be questionable. Every single year, the scale of AI has only... Read more
Is AI Destined to Go Out of Control?
The idea that humanity will lose control of artificial intelligence has been a science fiction stable from the popular Terminator series to Netflix’s Extinction. So it’s no wonder why researchers would want to spend time on the subject and its ramifications for mankind. In 2021, the... Read more
New AI Can Predict Speech From Brain Activity
Imagine an artificial intelligence program that can deduce what you’re hearing by reading your brain activity. Well, you won’t have to imagine for too much longer, as Meta is developing a new program that they hope can be utilized in the near future to assist people... Read more
Popular Sites are Already Getting Tired of AI-Generated Art
With the rise of artificial intelligence-generated art, now comes some pushback from smaller art communities. Over the last few months, the popularity of tools such as DALLE-2, Midjourney, ROBOMOJO, and other AI art tools has risen, with cases of artists using said tools to enter contests... Read more
AMD Joins Other Big Tech as a Founding Member of the PyTorch Foundation
Microchip maker AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has become a founding member of the PyTorch Foundation. This non-profit, which will be a part of the Linux Foundation, will work to help advance artificial intelligence tooling by creating an open-source environment that looks to help the popular framework... Read more