How Exposing AI to Adversarial Training Can Revolutionize How AI Works
Researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory are working on a way to help artificial intelligence researchers comprehend neural network behavior. In doing so, they found an interesting surprise. As neural networks are being employed in more fields, understanding how and why they operate is going to... Read more
Our Newest Ally Against Pesky Cockroaches is…AI with Lasers?
A new open-source AI tool is being used to power a laser turret to go after some of humanity’s most annoying pests, cockroaches. In a study published in Oriental Insects a week ago, Ildar Rakhmatulin, a researcher at Heriot-Watt University, and fellow researchers combined machine learning... Read more
Google and GiveDirectly Use AI to Provide Cash Assistance to Victims of Hurricane Ian
Google and nonprofit GiveDirectly have teamed up and are using the power of artificial intelligence to target the poorest victims of Hurricanes Ian and Fiona with emergency cash payments. This is a new approach to disaster relief that sees governments and NGOs working separately or in... Read more
Students Have Figured a Way to Have AI Do Their Homework
Finding easy ways of avoiding homework and writing reports is as old as our educational system. It’s one of the most famous tropes one can find in comedies that are focused on students and their lives. But now according to Vice, it seems that today’s generation... Read more
Microsoft Introduces Designer Which Allows You to Use Text-to-Image Tech in-App
Not to be outdone by artificial intelligent powered image generation technology, Microsoft has announced that it will be integrating these tools into a variety of its products and services such as its Bing Search Engine, Edge web browser, and a new Office app called Microsoft Designer.... Read more
AI Used to Create a Fake Podcast with Joe Rogan and Steve Jobs
Artificial intelligent powered deep fake technology has achieved another milestone. Recently, a fake episode of the popular podcast Joe Rogan Experience went live with the late co-founder and former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. This is quite amazing since it has been over ten years since... Read more
UK’s House of Lords Hosts AI-Powered Robot, Ai-Da
Artificial Intelligence and robotics have hit another milestone. In the UK’s House of Lords, the Ai-Da Robot sat down to answer questions at the upper chamber of the Parlement for an inquiry into technology and creativity. According to its creator Aidan Meller, this is a “real... Read more
New AI App Could Diagnose Illnesses Using a Person’s Voice
Artificial intelligence-powered tools are poised to take the medical field by storm, all by harnessing a person’s voice. According to NPR, the National Institutes of Health is funding a new project that will collect voice data. The purpose of this is to teach the AI program... Read more
Google Unveils its Own Video-Generating AI Tool Imagen Video to Rival Meta’s Make-A-Video
Soon after Meta’s announcement of the launch of Make-A-Video, which allows users to create AI-generated video content using text descriptions and even video clips, Google announced their own AI video-generating program, Imagen Video. Similar to Meta’s program, Imagen Video allows users to feed the program with... Read more
Boston Dynamics & Other Robotics Firms Promise Not to Weaponize Robots
Boston Dynamics and other robotics companies have come together to both pledge the non-weaponization of robots, but to also apply pressure to the industry to not weaponize the immerging technology. In a report by Axios, the open letter which included companies such as Open Robotics, ANYbotics,... Read more