Is AI Destined to Go Out of Control?
The idea that humanity will lose control of artificial intelligence has been a science fiction stable from the popular Terminator series to Netflix’s Extinction. So it’s no wonder why researchers would want to spend time on the subject and its ramifications for mankind. In 2021, the... Read more
New AI Can Predict Speech From Brain Activity
Imagine an artificial intelligence program that can deduce what you’re hearing by reading your brain activity. Well, you won’t have to imagine for too much longer, as Meta is developing a new program that they hope can be utilized in the near future to assist people... Read more
Popular Sites are Already Getting Tired of AI-Generated Art
With the rise of artificial intelligence-generated art, now comes some pushback from smaller art communities. Over the last few months, the popularity of tools such as DALLE-2, Midjourney, ROBOMOJO, and other AI art tools has risen, with cases of artists using said tools to enter contests... Read more
AMD Joins Other Big Tech as a Founding Member of the PyTorch Foundation
Microchip maker AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has become a founding member of the PyTorch Foundation. This non-profit, which will be a part of the Linux Foundation, will work to help advance artificial intelligence tooling by creating an open-source environment that looks to help the popular framework... Read more
Scientists at NTU are Using AI to Identify Mental Illnesses to Help with Proper Diagnosing and Treatment
Can advancements in data collection, artificial intelligence, and other observational tools lead to improvements in diagnosing mental health and neurological disorders before they fully manifest? This is a question that a group of researchers from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is hoping to answer. This is... Read more
Everyone, Meet Loab – The Internet’s First Terrifying AI Cryptid
Mysteries and the internet have gone in hand since its usage was popularized in the mid to late 90s. Now as the use of artificial intelligence to create new and unique pieces of art has grown over the past few months, a new mystery has emerged... Read more
Matt Booty of Xbox Game Studios Wants AI-Powered QA in Gaming
Head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, has made it known that he is dreaming of an AI & machine learning-powered QA process outside of normal human interaction. Booty made this point during his panel at PAX West, “Storytime With Matt Booty.” As to why Booty... Read more
Meet Salt, a Movie Created Using AI and Social Media
A fully artificial intelligence-powered movie is being created, and it might take science fiction by storm! German tech entrepreneur Fabian Stelzer is in the process of creating an almost completely AI-generated movie titled Salt. Stelzer is using tools such as Stable, Midjourney, and  DALL-E 2 to... Read more
AI-Generated Art Wins Contest and Stirs Controversy Online
Fears of artificial intelligence taking jobs from human beings have been a growing concern as AI has been implemented in more and more industries. One place many haven’t thought of is the world of art. But that seems to be changing as a Colorado man, video... Read more
NASA’s Artemis Launch to Use AI to Find Ice
Artificial intelligence will be taking flight this Saturday, September 3rd on NASA’s Artemis mission to the moon. If successful, the program will give light to surfaces of the moon that have yet been explored while providing the mission with future locations for the prospecting of needed... Read more