A Neuroscience Expert is Calling For a “Neuroshield” Against AI
In a paper from Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, a neuroscience expert is arguing that there is an “urgent” need to develop a system of digital self-defense against AI. This comes in a time of a growing call for AI regulation focused on AI... Read more
BTS Label HYBE Looks to AI to Release Tracks in Multiple Languages
South Korea’s largest music label, HYBE, made internally famous due to top group BTS, is looking to AI to help bridge the language gap. According to a report by Reuters, the label used AI to help release a track by label singer MIDNATT in six languages.... Read more
Players of World of Warcraft Tricked AI-Scraping Game Website Into Publishing Fake News
Users on Reddit decided to see if they could fool AI-scraping bots after discovering zleague.gg. What makes this blog interesting is that it uses an AI scraping bot to take information from their sub-Reddit and creates posts from them. So they decided to get back at... Read more
OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google Form Body to Aid in Regulating AI Development
The Frontier Model Forum is a new organization created by OpenAI, Microsoft, Anthropic, and Google to focus on the “safe and responsible” development of frontier AI models. This new industry body brings together four of the most influential tech giants developing AI. According to the group,... Read more
Amazon Launches HealthScribe a New Generative AI Tool to Summarize Doctors Visits and Manage Files
This week, Amazon Web Services launched a new generative AI tool called HealthScribe, which will allow doctors to use speech recognition machine learning and AI to empower their offices. The goal of which is to help these offices to summarize visits and manage their in-house files.... Read more
New AI-Powered SQL Expert Builds SQL Queries in Seconds
As many data engineers now, SQL is both a simple programming language and one where you easily make a mistake, giving you queries that either don’t work or make no sense. But now, a new app called, AIHelperBot, is selling itself as an AI-powered SQL expert... Read more
New App Creates Short Episodes of South Park Using Generative AI
A new app called Showrunner AI allows users to create short episodes of South Park using generative AI. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are no strangers to AI as the pair earlier this year invested heavily into a deep fake VFX studio. Though they have nothing... Read more
Major Tech Companies Such as Google and OpenAI Pledge AI Safety Commitments
Last week, major tech companies such as Google and OpenAI made voluntary pledges to AI safety to the White House. In a report from Reuters, some of the measures these companies will be implementing include watermarking AI-generated content. The announcement comes at a time of growing... Read more
A Team Out of Australia Wins Grant to Merge AI With Human Brain Cells
An Australian team out of Monash University and Cortical Labs has won a grant to merge AI with human brain cells. The grant, valued at $600,000, was given by Australia’s Office of Intelligence. According to a report by The Guardian, this is the same team that... Read more
The United Nations Security Council Meets Due to AI Risks
In a report by Reuters, the United Nations Security Council had its first meeting to discuss the risks of AI. During the meeting, China said that AI should not turn into a “runaway horse”. The United States also warned that the technology shouldn’t be used to... Read more