John Oliver Brings DALL-E to the Masses by Marrying a Cabbage
It seems that AI-created images have finally made it to the mainstream. On John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, the comedian/commentator dedicated an entire monologue and even a skit to AI programs such as DALL-E. These programs take inputted text data and create images based on the... Read more
Researchers Use AI to Date Archeological Remains
For over half a century, archaeology teams have depended on radiocarbon dating as their standard tool to date objects and human remains. Now, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, an international team from Lund University in Sweden have developed a method that can, with rarely... Read more
New Neural Network Can Detect Parkinson’s Disease by Breathing Patterns
Thanks to a new neural network from MIT, it seems that Parkinson’s Disease can be detected simply by breathing patterns. This difficult-to-diagnose disease can now possibly be found much earlier, before major symptoms service, thus providing a greater degree of treatment early on. This achievement came... Read more
AI Rapper FN Meka Dropped From Label After Portraying Racist Stereotypes
It seems that artificial intelligence isn’t ready to take away musicians’ jobs, well not just yet at least. Capital Music Records has had to cut ties with AI artist FN Meka after signing into the program earlier this month. This comes only days after the AI... Read more
Meta’s BlenderBot 3 AI Chatbot is Already Spewing Controversial Statements
Last week, Meta released the BlenderBot 3 AI chatbot, and it already has proven to be a problem. Going live on August 5th, the AI has already gone on to make very “spicy” and racist statements and even going so far as to make false statements... Read more
Machine Learning Used to Break the Ice on How Ice Forms
Artificial intelligence has now given us a peek into how the quantum universe and its odd behavior. A team of researchers based at Princeton University has applied artificial intelligence to accurately simulate the initial steps of how ice forms. What’s remarkable is that this level of... Read more
Researchers Use AI to Discover 11 New Anomalies in Space
In a study published in New Astronomy, SNAD researchers have identified eleven unknown anomalies in space thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. In the study, the team examined digital images of the Northern sky which were obtained using the k-D tree back in 2018. During... Read more
ROBOMOJO is an AI That Creates Movie Posters Using Text Information
Teaching artificial intelligence to interpret information from text and convert it into images has become a fascinating venture within the community. We reported on how an AI program, Dall-E, processed the text “Last human selfie.” What was created by the program could fuel nightmares for a... Read more
DeepMind’s AlphaFold Discovers Nearly Every Known Protein
In a stunning development, Google’s DeepMind AI has discovered nearly every single protein currently known to science. This was achieved thanks to using the AlphaFold program which was first developed back in 2018, and then released to the public last summer. The open-source program uses machine... Read more
Meta’s AI Translation Model Breaks 200 Language Milestone
Facebook’s parent company Meta is pushing the boundaries of AI technology and breaking down language barriers like never before. Meta’s new AI translation model — No-Language-Left-Behind 200 (NLLB-200) — has broken a translation milestone. This single model can translate 200 different languages with detail and accuracy... Read more