White House Pushes Fed Agencies to Hire AI Chiefs
The White House Office of Management and Budget, or OMB has introduced guidelines mandating all U.S. federal agencies to appoint a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer. The agency also stated that agencies need to disclose their AI deployments. It’s clear that the OMB hopes to take a... Read more
Report: Google May Move AI Features to Paid Plan
If this report by the BBC is true, then it seems that Google is looking to overhaul its business model and put some AI features behind a paywall. If it does go live, can affect the billions of users that the company services globally. This initiative,... Read more
CodeLlama-34B Released by IBM
In a post on LinkedIn, Armand Ruiz, Director of AI at IBM announced that IBM watsonx has officially released CodeLlama-34B on its Generative AI Platform. Developed by Meta AI, is poised to revolutionize the coding landscape, offering unparalleled support to developers seeking to enhance their productivity... Read more
Lipscomb University Introduces Master of Science in Applied AI
Most leaders expect that AI will be reshaping the global workforce landscape. With this in mind, Lipscomb University, the Nashville-based institution, has unveiled its latest graduate program offering: a Master of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence. Their bet is to keep their students ahead of the... Read more
US & UK Announce New AI Safety/Testing Partnership
On Monday, leaders of the G7, the United States and Britain solidified their commitment to the future of artificial intelligence safety, according to Reuters. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo and Britain’s Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan inked a memorandum of understanding in Washington to mark this new partnership.... Read more
ODSC’s AI Weekly Recap: Week of March 29th
Open Data Science Blog Recap BrainBox AI has introduced ARIA, a generative AI-powered virtual Building Assistant that they hope will help secure a greener future (Source) The United Nations General Assembly unanimously approved the first-ever resolution on AI. (Source) Amazon announced the completion of a $4... Read more
Hugging Face’s Cosmopedia Hopes To Reshape Pre-Training Data
Since the beginning of AI models, the creation of datasets for supervised and instruction-tuning of AI models relied on the painstaking process of hiring human annotators—a method not only time-consuming but also prohibitively expensive. But it seems that Hugging Face is hoping to change all of... Read more
BrainBox AI Unveils ARIA: an AI-Powered Virtual Building Assistant For a Greener Future
With talks of responsible AI and sustainability in mind, BrainBox AI has introduced ARIA to the world. ARIA is a generative AI-powered virtual Building Assistant that they hope will help secure a greener future for mankind. If this technology is widely adopted, it has the potential... Read more
Amazon Announces Completion of a $4 billion Investment in Anthropic
Amazon announced the completion of a $4 billion investment in Anthropic, marking an important moment in the evolution of AI. Both companies made clear that they plan to simply revolutionize the way businesses across the globe leverage AI, ushering in a new era of innovation and... Read more
New Tool Thunder Hopes to Accelerate AI Development
Thunder, a new compiler designed to turbocharge the training process for deep learning models within the PyTorch ecosystem, hopes to accelerate the development of AI. PyTorch, celebrated for its flexibility and intuitive handling, has become a staple among AI developers.   Yet, the ever-increasing demand for... Read more