Company Behind First Ever AI Lawyer DoNotPay Wants to Take it the US Supreme Court
Last week, we reported how an AI was set to make legal history by assisting in the defense of an accused speeder. Now, it seems that the company behind the program, DoNotPay, wants to take their program to the US Supreme Court. This came to be... Read more
Artificial Intelligence Program Will Become a Defense’s Legal Assistant in a Legal First
An artificial intelligence program will act as a legal assistant helping a live defendant during a court proceeding – a first for both AI and the law. This coming February, an AI from DoNotPay will work with a defendant, guiding them on what to say so... Read more
Artificial Intelligence is Coming to Microsoft’s Search Engine Bing
Software giant, Microsoft, is working to enhance its search engine Bing with artificial intelligence capabilities. According to personnel cited by The Information, this will be a joint venture between  Microsoft and ChatGPT creator OpenAI. The goal is to launch this new AI-enhanced version of Bing before... Read more
The EU Unveils “The AI Act” – First AI-Focused Legislative Proposal by a Major Regulator
The European Union has unveiled a first-of-its-kind set of regulations aimed at artificial intelligence, the AI Act. Last year, AI took the public’s imagination by storm as many AI-powered tools became accessible to the average person due to their ease of use. But correlation does not... Read more
Legendary Video Game Director Hideo Kojima Wants to Become AI After He Dies
Legendary video game director, writer, and producer, Hideo Kojima wants to use AI to cheat death. Well, kind of. Though not unheard of, the use of artificial intelligence as a means to avoid our demise is a common trope in science fiction. While speaking to the... Read more
Krispy Kreme CEO: Robots to Make Your Doughnuts “Within the Next 18 Months”
While speaking with Yahoo Finance, Mike Tattersfield, CEO of Krispy Kreme, opened up about how the company is looking to automate the production of its sweet treats. Saying in part, “Probably within the next 18 months, you’ll see some automation starting to go into the frosting,... Read more
South Park Creators Secure $20 Million in Funding For Their Deepfake VFX Studio Deep Voodoo
The creators of South Park, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone, were able to secure a $20 million investment for their AI entertainment start-up Deep Voodoo. According to Variety.com, the funding was led by Connect Ventures, an investment partnership between CAA and venture capital firm New Enterprise... Read more
AI-Generated Art Used in Rick and Morty Creator’s New Game: High on Life
With 2022 coming to a close, it’s hard to argue against the impact of AI-generated art. Whether it’s winning state fairs, or artist backlash against the technology, AI-generated art has taken the world by storm. It’s no surprise then that as it becomes more common, more... Read more
AI-Powered Tools Showing Promise in Detecting Mental Health Disorders & Distress
New machine learning tools are showing promise in detecting mental health disorders & distress where traditional screening programs fall short. In a summary paper that documented eight years of studies from the National Library of Medicine on PubMed.gov, investigators found that AI-powered tools are showing remarkable... Read more
Could AI-Powered Tools Such as ChatGPT Provide Students With an Unfair Advantage?
With the rapid expansion of AI-powered tools enhancing existing human abilities, many are worrying about its effects on education. In short, could AI-powered tools, such as ChatGPT, be used by students to cheat? This is the question being asked by the Financial Times. As we’ve seen... Read more