Researchers Develop AI That Enables a Robot to Create Complex Plans Using its Entire Hand
For robots, the intricate skill of whole-body manipulation that comes naturally to humans has posed a challenge for machines. But now, MIT researchers, are using the power of artificial intelligence to solve this issue with robotics by introducing a novel approach known as contact-rich manipulation planning.... Read more
ChatGPT Enterprise for Large Businesses to be Released by OpenAI
OpenAI, arguably the leader in the world of large language models, stated that the AI company will be releasing a version of ChatGPT focused on the needs of large businesses. According to Reuters, the product will be called ChatGPT Enterprise and it will offer greater privacy,... Read more
MIT Researchers Combine Deep Learning and Physics to Fix MRI Scans
In the realm of medical imaging, MRI stands out for its exceptional visualization of soft tissues, surpassing the capabilities of X-rays and CT scans. However, the Achilles’ heel of MRI lies in its susceptibility to motion artifacts – even the slightest movement during a scan can... Read more
New York Times Considering Lawsuit Against OpenAI
According to a report by NPR, lawyers for The New York Times are looking into possible litigation against OpenAI due to intellectual property rights. NPR is citing two sources with direct knowledge of discussions going on between the two organizations. Over the last serval weeks, The... Read more
AI Design Studio Global Illumination Acquired by OpenAI
New York-based started-up Global Illumination was acquired by ChatGPT maker, OpenAI last week. Founded in 2021, Global Illumination is known for using AI to build creative tools and digital experiences through AI-powered infrastructure. This will be the first public acquisition by OpenAI in its seven-year history.... Read more
Federal Judge Rules AI-Generated Art Can’t Be Copyrighted
In her ruling, DC District Court Judge Beryl A. Howell says that human beings are an “essential part of a valid copyright claim.” This is the latest in a series of court cases seeking to determine if original material generated by AI can be copyrighted under... Read more
The Associated Press and Other News Organizations Develop Standards for AI in the Newsroom
This week, the AP along with other news organizations developed standards on how to use AI tools in the newsroom. Part of these new standards will see that AI isn’t used to create publishable content and images for these news services. In the report, with these... Read more
Google AI’s AdaTape is a New AI Approach With Transformer-Based Architecture
In a blog post last week, Google Research introduced AdaTape, a new AI approach with transformer-based architecture that utilizes adaptive computation. AdaTape uses its adaptive function to use create an elastic input sequence that can modulate its computational budget. According to the accompanying research paper, AdaTape... Read more
Anthropic Raised $100 From South Korean Telecom For Custom LLM
Claude creator, Anthropic, has raised 100 million from South Korean Telecom provider, SK Telecom for a custom LLM. This news comes soon after Anthropic raised substantial capital in its series C round back in May. According to the press release from SKT, the investment, and partnership... Read more
New Task Force to Study Generative AI Established by Pentagon
The Department of Defense of the United States has established a new task force to guide the application of generative AI. According to the DoD, Task Force Lima will fall under the purview of the Chief Digital and AI Office or CDOA. That office itself was... Read more