What Dagster Believes About Data Platforms
Different data tools reflect different philosophies of how data pipelines—and the data platforms they live in—should be built. Our mission at Dagster Labs is to empower every organization to build a productive and trustworthy data platform. The beliefs that organizations adopt about how their data platforms... Read more
7 Data Science & AI Trends That Will Define 2024
About a year ago this time, I posted an opinion piece on what I thought were going to be big trends in AI in 2023. Of those seven ideas, I think I got all of them right. Generative AI became the thing, hiring and firing was... Read more
Indigos-Inspired Machine Learning as a Poetic Search for Insight
Every data scientist knows that inspiration can come from anywhere. We may be guided by recent conversations with colleagues or clients, and work to meet their needs with the best modeling we can produce.  Sometimes, however, inspiration comes from really unexpected places. Warming up for exercise... Read more
5 Concerns Surrounding the Scaling and Adoption of AI
Over the years, there has been a growing concern about AI’s impact on society. But, this has only now grown since the introduction of the popular Chatbot, ChatGPT. Both the imaginations of the public and seasoned data professionals have run wild. Many ask quite similar questions... Read more
Fostering Ethical Interactions Between Humanity and Advanced Artificial Intelligence
The rapid advance of AI technology is redefining the landscape of human-machine interaction. With AI systems becoming increasingly autonomous and sophisticated, it is essential to foster an environment that promotes mutual respect, coexistence, and understanding. At the heart of this shift must be compassion – a... Read more
Collateral Damage in the Battle Over Truth
Editor’s note: Jutta Treviranus is a speaker for ODSC Europe this June 14th-15th. Be sure to check out her talk, “Why the Jagged Edge Matters,” there! At a time when truth and facts are under attack and struggling for survival, the valiant defendants have pulled up... Read more
Is ChatGPT a Safe Cyber Space for Businesses?
ChatGPT has captured people’s attention and made them curious about how the chatbot could change how they search for information and do other online tasks. However, as they start using the internet in new ways, are they overlooking possible safety risks? ChatGPT Confidently Makes Incorrect Statements... Read more
Should Artificial General Intelligence Still Be Pursued Despite the Risks?
There are three main types of artificial intelligence (AI). The first is artificial narrow intelligence (ANI), which is very limited in what it can do. Then, there’s artificial general intelligence (AGI), which can perform comparably to humans. Finally, there’s artificial superintelligence (ASI), which surpasses human capabilities. ... Read more
AI Sentience: Friend or Foe?
June 11th, 2022. It finally happened. The Singularity is upon us. It’s the beginning of the end for humankind. AI is taking over, and there is no going back. Well… not exactly. But that’s what a Google engineer, Blake Lemoine, seems to believe after a test he ran with... Read more
5 Data Science Trends in the Next 5 Years
This field is large enough that it’s a bit impossible to deeply cover all the things that can happen in the coming 5 years for it. Important data science trends that I foresee but won’t cover here are specific applications of data science in unique domains,... Read more