Meet ODSC Grant Award Recipient Michael Hayes of CancerAI – the Non-Profit Using AI to Fight Cancer
The term “data science for good” has been appearing on LinkedIn feeds, Twitter timelines, and RSS feeds for me a little more than usual recently. This is not a complaint by any means; rather, it’s refreshing to see that many data scientists and others involved in data are becoming... Read more
Key Takeaways: Data scientists at Facebook are working on ways to use data science for good to solve big problems. Using data generated by the ‘safety check’ and ‘community help’ functions on the platform, Brandon Rohrer and his team have helped create disaster maps to aid first responders in... Read more
Past AI Winters and Present-Day Worry
“The AI winter is well on its way,” says Filip Pieknewski, a computer vision and AI expert whose recent viral blog post forewarns an imminent period of reduced funding and interest in artificial intelligence. The term ‘AI winter’ first appeared in the mid-’80s to refer to the quickly diminishing... Read more
Startup Watch: Accelerating drug discovery with BenevolentAI
Making new drugs is hard. Really hard. A 2014 study from Tufts University’s Center for the Study of Drug Development placed the cost of bringing a new prescription drug to market from R&D to clinical trials to regulatory approval at $2.6 billion. Facing high production costs and shortening timelines... Read more
“America First” Meets AI: White House Announces Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence
The Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence, announced by the White House in May, will bring together leaders from several federal agencies to pursue an “America first” agenda for AI development. “The age of artificial intelligence is here,” said Michael Kratsios, Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer, “And with it, the... Read more
The 4th Annual Data Science Summit
Announcing the 4th Annual Data Science Summit in Tel Aviv, Israel. The Data Science Summit will be held in Tel Aviv on May 27 -28. The event is for practitioners in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science from industry and academy. The summit is a two-day event starting on May 27th with a... Read more
Announcing The ODSC Grant – Supporting the Startup and Data Science Community
ODSC hosts one of the largest communities of data scientist and AI experts.  We are constantly looking for ways to give back to that community via free meetups, scholarship tickets, and other initiatives. ODSC is delighted to announce a new community give-back initiative. At the end of each month... Read more
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