“America First” Meets AI: White House Announces Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence
The Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence, announced by the White House in May, will bring together leaders from several federal agencies to pursue an “America first” agenda for AI development. “The age of artificial intelligence is here,” said Michael Kratsios, Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer, “And... Read more
Announcing The ODSC Grant – Supporting the Startup and Data Science Community
ODSC hosts one of the largest communities of data scientist and AI experts.  We are constantly looking for ways to give back to that community via free meetups, scholarship tickets, and other initiatives. ODSC is delighted to announce a new community give-back initiative, the ODSC Grant.... Read more
When people Google “resources to learn AI,” “Accessible AI Education” or a variation of those keywords to educate themselves about the major risings in artificial intelligence, machine learning and related fields, countless blogs, courses and bootcamps appear in the search feed. Paralysis by analysis ensues. What... Read more
Data Science Live Book (open source) ~ new big release! 200-pages
Well after some time, and +300 commits, this is the biggest release of the Data Science Live Book! (open source), after the first publication more than 1 year ago 🙂 tl;dr: Hi there! I invite you to read the book online and/or download here. Thanks and have a nice day 🙂... Read more
Why Attend Conferences, ODSC Europe
Attending ODSC Europe 2017 is a great opportunity to improve your data science skills, listen experienced practitioners explain the industry’s trajectory, meet like-minded people working in Data Science, and meet the core contributors of prominent machine learning projects. It is an opportunity to join the vanguard... Read more
When co-authors D.J. Patil and ODSC East 2017 Keynote Presenter Thomas H. Davenport wrote that sexy article in 2012 they claimed that “Data scientists’ most basic, universal skill… the ability to write code… may be less true in five years’ time.” Now 5 years later, in this... Read more
Data is the New Oil
Data has supplanted oil as the fuel for creating big business value When I give talks on data strategy and AI strategy, I talk about data being the new oil. And, data being the fuel (oil) that is fueling the AI machine. I also talk about... Read more
The ODSC Team was thrilled to present scikit-learn the Outstanding Data Science Project award, East, in Boston on May 5th.  Scikit-learn has been instrumental in making high quality machine learning algorithms more accessible to countless data scientists, students and practitioners.  As an active ongoing project it... Read more
Data Science Summit 2017
An African tale says that in Taubiland there lived in ancient, ancient times a man who possessed all the wisdom of the world. He hid all the wisdom in a jug. One day when he climbed a tree to hide the jug, his son gave him some advice about climbing ( a lesson of wisdom, which... Read more