Generating Neural Networks to Detect Alzheimer’s
This post discusses how neural networks can help detect Alzheimer’s. AI is showing so much promise in the medical field. It’s an excellent example of how AI combines with human intelligence to create a “super brain” capable of predicting disease, uncovering patterns, and testing solutions for... Read more
Three Ways Researchers are Using Data Science for Good
Data experts have long identified marginalization and narrow-minded problem solving as some of the biggest challenges facing data science. When large technology enterprises only seek solutions to problems they face within their company and their communities, it exacerbates inequalities. But companies, nonprofits, and individuals across the... Read more
Tech Tackles Cancer’s Company Karaoke Showdown is on November 6th at the Lansdowne pub and we are excited to be supporting the cause by raffling off tickets to the event. TTC is a non-profit started by the data science team behind Hack/Reduce in 2013 as a way to... Read more
The Potential of Communities and Machine Learning for Good
For any technology to be successful, it needs to move from the early adopter market segment to the majority, i.e., crossing the chasm. Up until now, machine learning has been primarily in the hype phase and adoption has been mostly driven by the early adopters and innovators.... Read more
The term “data science for good” has been appearing on LinkedIn feeds, Twitter timelines, and RSS feeds for me a little more than usual recently. This is not a complaint by any means; rather, it’s refreshing to see that many data scientists and others involved in... Read more
Key Takeaways about using Data Science for Good: Facebook is working hard on ways to use data science for good to solve big problems. Using data generated by the ‘safety check’ and ‘community help’ functions on the platform, Brandon Rohrer and his team have helped create... Read more
Startup Watch: Accelerating Drug Development with BenevolentAI
Making new drugs is hard. Really hard. A 2014 study from Tufts University’s Center for the Study of Drug Development placed the cost of bringing a new prescription drug to market from R&D to clinical trials to regulatory approval at $2.6 billion. Facing high production costs... Read more
Announcing The ODSC Grant – Supporting the Startup and Data Science Community
ODSC hosts one of the largest communities of data scientist and AI experts.  We are constantly looking for ways to give back to that community via free meetups, scholarship tickets, and other initiatives. ODSC is delighted to announce a new community give-back initiative, the ODSC Grant.... Read more
Data Science for Good, Part 3
Data Science for Good, Part 2
Introduction This is the second of a three-article series about Data Science for Good. This article introduces people, organizations, and projects that use data science for good. The first article explained what the idea of data science is about and how you can get involved in... Read more