Data Science for Good, Part 1
Introduction This is the first a three-article series about Data Science for Good. This article explains what what this idea is about and how you can get involved in it. The second article we’ll introduce people, organizations, and projects that use data science for good. The... Read more
Bio: John Mason is founder of Responsible Investor Non-Profit Organisation. Responsible Investor is a non-profit focused on achieving positive social impact through business as a force for good. He has over ten years professional experience in the institutional financial markets based mainly in trading and investment... Read more
Kind Data Science, with Emma Prest from DataKind – 29m
Bio Emma handles the day-to-day operations of DataKind UK, supporting the influx of volunteers and building understanding about what data science can do in the charitable sector. Emma sits on the Editorial Advisory Committee at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. She was previously a programme coordinator... Read more
Introduction “Knowledge for knowledge’s sake is just as barbarous as hatred of knowledge. tamed to fit with life, so that one may live what one has learned.” – Nietzsche. Data for Good or for Social Good is referring to the use of Big... Read more
Beyond Data Science: Advancing Data Literacy
Title Graphic originally developed in 2012; today I would update it to include “contextualize” along side the crafts of gathering / analysis (mathematicians, engineers); design (artists, graphic designers, information designers); and narration (writers, editors, journalists). Graphic by Jehoaddan Kulakoff. Content co-conspirator: Simon Steinhardt. To deepen the... Read more
Hackathon Results, Gates Foundation & ODSC
Health. It’s perhaps the thickest thread that runs throughout the human race. What more could we relate than the continuous, futile war against our mortality? In certain areas of the world this war is fought with the most advanced weapons known to man – the best... Read more
The Fund for Peace is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing violence worldwide. One of their initiatives is the Fragile States Index (F.S.I), a yearly ranking of the stability of countries around the world. Each ranking is the sum of twelve factors rated on a scale... Read more
Peter Bull at ODSC Boston 2015
Using your Powers for Good: Data Science in the Social Sector Using your powers for good: Data science in the social sector from odsc Just like every major corporation today, nonprofits and governments have more data than ever before. And just like those corporations, they are... Read more
Opening the Doors to Innovation in Developing Countries through the Democratization of Data – Ari Hamalian ODSC Boston 2015
Opening the Doors to Innovation Through the Democratization of Data from odsc Initiatives such as a Wikipedia and the Human Genome Project have demonstrated the multiplicative positive impact that data can have when shared openly. Increasingly countries and governments across the globe have begun to embrace... Read more