When co-authors D.J. Patil and ODSC East 2017 Keynote Presenter Thomas H. Davenport wrote that sexy article in 2012 they claimed that “Data scientists’ most basic, universal skill… the ability to write code… may be less true in five years’ time.” Now 5 years later, in this... Read more
Data is the New Oil
Data has supplanted oil as the fuel for creating big business value When I give talks on data strategy and AI strategy, I talk about data being the new oil. And, data being the fuel (oil) that is fueling the AI machine. I also talk about... Read more
Data Science Summit 2017
An African tale says that in Taubiland there lived in ancient, ancient times a man who possessed all the wisdom of the world. He hid all the wisdom in a jug. One day when he climbed a tree to hide the jug, his son gave him some advice about climbing ( a lesson of wisdom, which... Read more