Corporate Data Science – Angela Bassa
Presenter: Angela Bassa, Director of Data Science at iRobot Title: Corporate Data Science Level: All, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Type: Premium Training, Non-technical Length: 47 minutes Overview: In this talk, Angela Bassa discusses strategies of building and maintaining successful data science teams in a corporate setting. Bassa... Read more
Business Analytics: Requirements for Data Transformation
There is a major change happening in the IT industry — the use of big data and analytics to guide how businesses are run. Many companies are embracing analytics as part of their core strategies. Unfortunately, some of those companies think that they can just purchase... Read more
On the Hard and Soft sides of DS Teams, Interview with Kishore Aradya, DS and ML Leader at Adobe
Editor’s Note: We’ve have a series of expert perspectives coming your way in podcast form from ODSC EU, and ODSC West.  Check out the growing archive here, or plan to jump ahead at ODSC East 2018 and meet them. The following Q&A is part of a series... Read more
4 Strategic Takeaways from ODSC 2017
From teams and priorities to communication and crowdsourcing Lux Research recently attended the 2017 Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) in Boston, a large, multi-day event with speakers ranging from Amazon’s Data and Analytics Practice Lead to the U.S. EPA’s Chief Data Scientist. The conference presented a... Read more