Lynn Root at ODSC Boston 2015
Metric-Driven Development: See the Forest for the Trees At Spotify, my team struggled to be awesome. We had a very loose understanding of what product/service our squad was responsible for, and even less so of the expectations our internal and external customers had for those services.... Read more
Agile Data – Chris Bergh ODSC Boston 2015
Agile Data from odsc To rephrase an old saying: ‘It takes a village to raise an Analyst.’ Data Analysts and Scientists are working in teams delivering insight and analysis on an ongoing basis. So how do you get the team to support experimentation and insight delivery... Read more
Data Workflows for Iteration, Collaboration, and Reproducibility – David Chudzicki ODSC Boston 2015
http://www.davidchudzicki.com/slides/odsc-2015-workflow/ For other data scientists to improve, build on, or even just trust your analysis, they need to be able to reproduce it. Even if you have shared code and data, reproducing your analysis may be difficult: which code was executed against which data in what... Read more
A Hybrid Approach to Data Science Project Management – Elaine Lee ODSC Boston 2015
A Hybrid Approach to Data Science Project Management from odsc In recent years, Data Science evolved into its own profession as a response to the proliferation of data that needed to be analyzed and made actionable — a job that could not be adequately addressed by... Read more
Scalable Data Science and Deep Learning with H2O – Arno Candel ODSC Boston 2015
Scalable Data Science and Deep Learning with H2O from odsc The era of Big Data has passed, and the era of sensory overload – that is, the proliferation of sensor data – is upon us. The challenge today is how to create the next generation of... Read more