5 Free Data Visualization Tools to Showcase Your Data in 2024
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New Method Hopes to Understand Multi-Attacks Against Image Classification Systems
A recent study has delved deep into the complexities of these attacks, particularly focusing on the alarming trend of multi-attacks that can simultaneously manipulate the classifications of multiple images. This research, conducted by the adept team at Stanislav Fort, sheds light on the critical issues surrounding... Read more
The Biggest AI News That Shook the World in 2023
To say that 2023 was a big year for AI is an understatement.  During the last year, the world had to begin learning how to operate in a post-AI world. With the technology growing in scale, industries, and users, there is no telling what 2024 will... Read more
The AI Revolution: Exploring Applications and Use Cases Across Major Industries
Editor’s note: Rudrendu Paul is a speaker for ODSC APAC 2023 this August 22-23. Be sure to check out his talk, “The AI Revolution: Exploring Applications and Use Cases Across Major Industries,” there! This article delves into the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) across a... Read more
7 Leading Universities With Data Analytics Degrees Coming to ODSC East
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Building a Capability Roadmap: The Maturity Stages of Data & AI
Editor’s note: Rehgan Avon is a speaker for ODSC East 2023 this May 9th-11th. Be sure to check out her talk, “Building a Capability Roadmap: The Maturity Stages of Data & AI,” there! Enterprises spend an average of $15M annually on data & AI initiatives. Yet,... Read more
5 Things I Learned Writing SQL with Gen AI
ChatGPT has been all over the news for the last few months and again with the release of GPT-4. At DataDistillr, we added a query assistant using this technology which allows a user to simply ask a question and DataDistillr will generate a query that answers... Read more
Why You Should Never Stop Learning in Data Science and AI
Like many other career fields, data science and all of the sub-fields such as artificial intelligence, responsible AI, data engineering, and others aren’t immune to the dynamic nature of emerging technology, trends, and other variables both outside and within the world of data. Even SQL has... Read more
The Weak Spots Hackers Look to Attack
Anyone in the data or tech sectors knows cyberattacks are a severe threat to individuals and organizations. The global cost of cybercrime attacks is expected to rise to over $8 billion starting in 2023. That’s a lot of money and it will only increase as technology... Read more
How to Use AI Tools to Optimize Your Supply Chain
No industry in 2023 is complete without incorporating AI. Supply chain management must recognize this revolutionary asset because its versatility can raise revenues, increase productivity, and create cohesion in a sector desperate for optimization. How can administrators in supply chains leverage AI to achieve all these... Read more