AI and the Visual Revolution
We’ve focused a lot on what AI can do for language processing, but one aspect of AI that’s gaining speed is visual. So much of our data is visual, so using these AI models to parse and work with visual media is a crucial aspect of decoding our big... Read more
ODSC East 2019 Review: Training, AI for Business, and more.
After four days chock-full of workshops, networking, and talk of revolutionizing industries with the help of data science, ODSC East closed its doors at Hynes Convention Center, marking another successful gathering in Boston. The event hosted thousands of analysts, business-people, and even just data-curious attendees looking to jump-start a... Read more
ODSC East 2019: Hilary Mason on Data Science Product Design Problems
Day three of ODSC East at Hynes Convention Center kicked off with talks from some of the data science community’s most decorated members. One such member to deliver a morning keynote on common data science product design problems was Hilary Mason, General Manager of Machine Learning at Cloudera. It... Read more
AI for Good: Bad Guys, Messy Data, & NLP
Artificial intelligence is typically viewed as a tool to help businesses propel themselves in the current digital economy. But the applications of AI are so wide that it can’t be boiled down to a ploy to gain capital. In fact, some seek to use AI and machine learning to... Read more
Top 10 Code-Free Tools for Web Development in 2019
Building a website is meant to help your business grow. If you have to set aside a team of engineers just to code and deploy the website, spending precious time and human resources just to build and maintain the website, that seems to defy the purpose. Those are the... Read more
7 Tips for Visual Search at Scale
Visual search is a rapidly emerging trend that is ideal for retail segments, such as fashion and home design, because they are largely driven by visual content, and style is often difficult to describe using text search alone. It is a topic of interest to data scientists, as evidenced... Read more
DataOps and the DataOps Manifesto
Editor’s note: Chris is speaking at ODSC East 2019! Check out his talk this April 30-May 3 – “The DataOps Manifesto” and many more! Why drive to the store to buy a stapler, when you can order it from Amazon who will deliver it to your doorstep in two days... Read more
Machine Learning Guide: 20 Free ODSC Resources to Learn Machine Learning
Machine learning, as with many other topics within data science, involves many skills, tools, languages, frameworks, and more. The #ODSC Machine Learning Guide is our compendium of 20 free resources for you to get started with machine learning, including videos from past ODSC machine learning presentations, tutorials, articles, and... Read more