New ODSC Meetup Webinar: Artificial Intelligence at the Edge
Join in to learn as Dr. Jameson Toole describes how AI is moving from the cloud to the edge in one of ODSC’s latest webinar. Machine learning and AI might outperform human on a wide series of tasks but there is still room to grow and expand AI potential.... Read more
A conversation with Thomas Wiecki on the use of probabilistic programming and machine learning in quant finance.
Not surprisingly… hedge funds and especially quant funds are notorious for being secretive about the algorithms they employ to beat the market. A Boston based startup is taking a different approach. Thomas Wiecki is the Head of Research at Quantopian, which hosts an open source platform that allows anyone... Read more
Data Science Shop Talk with Alex Castrounis
Bio: Alex founded InnoArchiTech, a company focused on technical education, speaking, and writing. At his day job, Alex is the vice president of product and advanced analytics at Rocket Wagon, an enterprise IoT and digital services company.  Alex is focused on leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science to... Read more
Aedin Culhane on Big Genetic Data, and the Bioconductor Project
The following Q&A is part of a series of interviews conducted with speakers at the 2017 ODSC East conference in Boston. This interview is with Aedin Culhane, Computational Biologist at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institue, whose talk was entitled “R and Bioconductor in Cancer Research –  Big Data in Genomics”.... Read more
Marc Maleh is the Global Director of award-winning advertising firm Havas. He has over 13 years of experience in interactive and emerging technology. Prior to his role as at Havas, Maleh served as VP, Managing Director at R/GA, where he helped grow a team of Data Scientists, technologists, and creatives... Read more