Companies Hiring Data Scientists During COVID-19 Companies Hiring Data Scientists During COVID-19
The field of data science is flexible and adaptable, making it a path that will remain relevant regardless of industry or... Companies Hiring Data Scientists During COVID-19

The field of data science is flexible and adaptable, making it a path that will remain relevant regardless of industry or circumstance. Given the COVID-19 crisis, many individuals are questioning their ability to find a new position, however, there are still many companies looking to hire a data scientist right now.

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The Dynamic is Changing

You’ve likely seen the news or updates from your friends that many companies are now allowing their employees to work virtually – at least through the summer – and data scientists are seeing the same thing.

This is a great opportunity to broaden your job search scope and maybe take the plunge to move to a new location. If the thought of moving and starting a new job at the same time sounds intimidating, then this may be a great way to ease into a new job before moving to a new city.

It isn’t just small companies either. Recently, tech giants like Facebook and Twitter have announced that they’re changing the way they view their work from home policy, saying that they’ll allow employees to work from home even once this pandemic ends. That’s good news for people looking for data science jobs at Facebook or Twitter but are hesitant to move.

Companies Hiring Data Scientists

There’s a wide range of industries hiring data scientists right now. It shouldn’t be a surprise that health insurance and biopharmaceutical companies are looking to ramp up their workforce to cope with this new dynamic. Tech giants are always looking to innovate, and are therefore still hiring in troves. While some retail stores have hit a slump, some are excelling. Companies like Target are thriving as they sell food and other essential items, and computer giants like Staples are still hiring to help people with their work from home needs.

Here’s a look at a few companies hiring this summer:

    • Insurance: CVS, Aetna, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Thermo Fisher Scientific
    • Technology: Facebook and Google, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, NVIDIA
    • Banking: JP Morgan Chase, Hartford Insurance Group, Capital One, US Bancorp.
    • Industrials: Randstad Technologies, Honeywell, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics

Available Data Science Jobs

Here are a few active job opportunities that you can apply for now. Please note that these jobs may close at any time, so apply quickly!

From Partner Companies:

Sr Java Software Engineer with Machine Learning Experience

Java Software Engineer with Machine Learning Experience

Data Engineer, Retail Analytics

Senior Consultant w/ Analytics Background


Other Locations:

Field Performance Data Analyst – Bose

Lending Operations and Data Analyst – Intuit

Data Scientist/Engineer – Medidata Solutions

Data Scientist – PA Consulting

Principal Data Lab Architect – Amazon

Sr. Software Development Engineer – Amazon Athena

Senior Data Scientist, Maps Metrics – Apple

Senior Data Scientist – Ads Analytics / Machine Learning – Spotify

Data Scientist, Analytics – Public Connections & Monetization – Facebook

Data Scientist – Instagram

Senior Data Scientist – Procter & Gamble


We update our jobs board frequently with other companies hiring data scientists during COVID-19 – be sure to follow jobs.opendatascience.com for more data science jobs!



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