Companies Hiring Data Scientists: Summer 2020 Companies Hiring Data Scientists: Summer 2020
The field of data science is flexible and adaptable, making it a path that will remain relevant regardless of industry or... Companies Hiring Data Scientists: Summer 2020

The field of data science is flexible and adaptable, making it a path that will remain relevant regardless of industry or circumstance. Given the COVID-19 crisis, many individuals are questioning their ability to find a new position, however, there are still many companies looking to hire a data scientist right now.

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Companies Hiring Data Scientists

There’s a wide range of industries hiring data scientists right now. It shouldn’t be a surprise that health insurance and biopharmaceutical companies are looking to ramp up their workforce to cope with this new dynamic. Tech giants are always looking to innovate, and are therefore still hiring in troves. While some retail stores have hit a slump, some are excelling. Companies like Target are thriving as they sell food and other essential items, and computer giants like Staples are still hiring to help people with their work from home needs.

Here’s a look at a few companies hiring data scientists summer 2020:

Technology: CGI Group, Apeiro Technologies, Apple, Spotify, Twitter, IBM

Finance: Discover, Capital One

Healthcare & Insurance: Cenpatico, Humana, Libert Mutual

Available Data Science Jobs

Here are a few active job opportunities that you can apply for now. Please note that these jobs may close at any time, so apply quickly! The salary figures are estimates and are not guaranteed.

Quantum Data Scientist (Industrial-Process sector) – IBM | $78k – $125k

Staff Machine Learning Engineer, Health ML – Twitter | ~$115k – $164k

Data Scientist, Analytics, WhatsApp Privacy – WhatsApp Inc | $148k – $159k

Lead Data Scientist, Customer Journey Product – Cimpress/Vistaprint | $117k – $186k
Sr. Manager, Data Science – Slack | $144k – $158k

Senior / Data Scientist, Ads and Messaging R&D – Spotify | $121k – $182k

Manager, Data Science (Machine Learning) – Uber | $170k – $180k

Data Science Manager/R&D – ZS | $171k – $206k
Research Data Scientist – Facebook | $106k – $206k

Data&AI Cloud Solution Architect – Microsoft | $91k – $198k

We update our jobs board frequently with other companies hiring data scientists during COVID-19 – be sure to follow jobs.opendatascience.com for more data science jobs!

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