Intro to Text Mining Using tm, openNLP and topicmodels – Ted Kwartler ODSC Boston 2015

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You will learn how modern customer service organizations use data to understand important customer attributes and how R is used for workforce optimization. Topics include real world examples of how R is used in large scale operations to text mine customer notes, broadly understand satisfaction surveys and forecast call arrival patterns. Concepts will be presented in a manner suitable for business professionals but code examples will be shared for those interested in more than high level explanations.

Presenter Bio

Ted Kwartler is the Director of Customer Success at DataRobot where he manages the end to end customer journey. He advocates for and integrates customer innovation into everyday culture and work. He helps to define and organize all customer service functions and key performance indicators. Thus he incorporates data driven customer analytics decisions balanced with qualitative feedback to continuously innovate for the customer experience. Specialties: Statistical forecasting and data mining, IT service management, Customer Service process improvement and project management, business analytics.

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