Joe Cheng & Zev Ross – “Interactive Data Visualizations in R with Shiny and ggplot2”

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Abstract: This tutorial will teach participants a workflow for creating both static and interactive data visualizations with R and Shiny, a web application framework for R. The workshop will initially introduce users to creating static graphics using the package ggplot2. We will then look at how to add interactivity to your plots with Shiny. Students will finish the workshop by building their own interactive web applications with ggplot2 and Shiny. The “TA” for this workshop will be Joe Cheng, creator of Shiny and Chief Technology Officer at RStudio. Participants are expected to have some prior experience writing code in R. Knowledge of ggplot2 and Shiny is unnecessary, but you can enrich your experience by taking the free online shiny tutorial ahead of class, bring a fully charged laptop to the workshop. Participants will be provided with a URL that will allow access to a server instance of R and RStudio so no software installation is required (though having R and RStudio on your laptop may be helpful).

Bio:  As president of ZevRoss Spatial Analysis, Zev provides data science, statistics and data visualization consulting to some of the world’s largest health agencies and companies including the World Health Organization, NYC Department of Health, UCLA, Columbia University and Live Nation Entertainment. Zev has authored or co-authored 40 articles in scientific journals and maintains a popular data science blog where he regularly posts on R-related topics.

Joe Cheng is the CTO of RStudio, Inc. He was RStudio’s first hire in 2009, when he joined JJ Allaire to create the RStudio IDE. He created Shiny, a reactive web programming framework for R, and co-created the htmlwidgets package (with Ramnath Vaidyanathan, JJ Allaire, and others). He has twenty years of experience developing web and desktop applications.