Data Science New Year’s Resolutions from AI Professionals Data Science New Year’s Resolutions from AI Professionals
Just as some people vow to lose weight, start a new project, save more money, or finally get to that long-neglected... Data Science New Year’s Resolutions from AI Professionals

Just as some people vow to lose weight, start a new project, save more money, or finally get to that long-neglected hobby, some people have data science-specific New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s aiming to work more on ethical AI, switching their preferred coding language, or reading more, each practicing data science below has a unique wish that may inspire you to plan your own resolutions for 2021. For inspiration, check out our 2021 data science outlook too.

Profile photo of Violeta Misheva, PhDVioleta Misheva | Data Scientist | ABN Amro Bank

I really want to continue my journey with the explainability of AI(XAI) and help set up a framework to successfully apply XAI in the financial sector (since I work in it).



 Nate Jermain | Data Scientist | Kobie Marketing

I want to improve my knowledge of probabilistic models. Highly parameterized algorithms like deep learning models work great in instances when the data is large and the signal is complex, but well built probabilistic models offer a superior choice for many applications.

Keratin Frailey | Data Science Manager, Data Quality | Numerator

Take all models with a lump of salt–and a kind eye.   This is going to be a tough year for predictive modeling–and a very exciting one!



Dr. Kirk Borne | Principal Data Scientist and Executive Advisor | Booze Hallen Hamilton

I hope to spend some time every day writing — something, anything! It might be a paragraph for a blog, or a page for a new book that I have been dreaming about writing.


Daniel Gutierrez | Data Science Consultant

I hate to articulate this, and I do so begrudgingly, but in 2021 I intend to move away from using R in favor of Python. R was a mainstay during my graduate program in CS and applied statistics and the language was ingrained in everything I did. Professionally, as a data scientist, I’ve used R for just about everything for the past 10 years. Alas, it’s harder and harder to ignore Python, and in fact, I’m already using it more regularly. I really enjoy using both languages, but Python gets the nod in 2021.

Data Science 2021 trendsJordan Bean | Senior Analyst, GRS North America Analytics | Liberty Mutual Insurance

My New Year’s resolution is to spend more time teaching data science, especially to people new to the industry. I’ve found the experience to be not only gratifying to empower others to work with data but also to be invaluable in my own knowledge and personal development by helping me understand topics better and challenging me to simplify complex topics for a new audience.

Data Science 2021 trendsFrancesca Lazzeri, PhD | Principal Cloud Advocate Manager, Cloud AI | Microsoft

I would like to inspire the next generations of data scientists and to teach more student developers how machine algorithms work, and how to leverage AI and data to build new technology-based solutions and solve current common challenges!


Veysel Kocaman | Lead Data Scientist | John Snow Labs Inc.

I would like to develop simpler, faster and stronger DL models that would accelerate the research in healthcare and life sciences.



Matteo Manica, PhD | Research Staff Member in Accelerated Discovery | IBM

I really need to stay on top of the latest advances in the machine learning engineering world.

Especially, finding a way to quickly maintain code bases and keeping them aligned with the rapid evolution of the frameworks.

How to prepare for data science 2021 trends

Between the new tools, expertise, and goals mentioned above, there’s a lot to learn about data science 2021 trends. To get ahead, further education and training will help.

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