Discover the Latest Possibilities in AI at ODSC Europe’s Virtual AI Expo Discover the Latest Possibilities in AI at ODSC Europe’s Virtual AI Expo
This year for ODSC Europe, we’re proud to announce we have a lot of great partners ready to share their knowledge... Discover the Latest Possibilities in AI at ODSC Europe’s Virtual AI Expo

This year for ODSC Europe, we’re proud to announce we have a lot of great partners ready to share their knowledge and products with data professionals at the AI Expo & Demo Hall this June 15th-16th. The best part? You can experience this entire expo for free, virtually or/and in-person.

Learn more about the demo talks and see for yourself why ODSC Europe’s AI Expo is the place to be.

Best Practices of Effective ML Teams: Allan Stevenson | Success ML Engineer, EMEA | Weight and Biases

Best practices are what make the best models into production. Follow along with Allan Stevenson as he discusses and outlines best practices, tools, and solutions for common pain points data teams experience.

AI for Emergency Response: Aoife Cahill, PhD | Director, AI Research | Dataminr

How can AI keep the information flowing, when seconds matter? During Aoife Cahill, Ph.D.’s talk discovers how future embraces situations can be handled, and how such vast amounts of information can be processed when time is a matter of life or death.

“It worked on my Laptop, now what?” Using OS tool MLRun to Automate the Path to Production: Gilad Shaham | Director of Product | Iguazio

Learn how to run MLRun on your own in ten minutes. Discover how you can automate and accelerate your path to production and understand how your Python code can run as a Kubernetes job without code changes.


The Hidden Layers of Tech Behind Successful Data Labeling: Glen Ford | VP of Product | iMerit

What will you do if failures and delays are keeping your deep learning models from doing their jobs? iMert’s Glen Ford will discuss how to successfully build labeling workflows and more.

A Graph Data Science Framework for the Enterprise: Joe Depeau | Field Engineering | Neo4j

Graphs are going nowhere, instead, they’re becoming more important. Join Joe Depaue as he walks you through Neo4j’s enterprise-ready graph data platform and unlocks the power of graphic data.

Building the Best AI Infrastructure Stack to Accelerate Your Data Science: Robert Magno | Sales Engineer | Run:Ai

Learn how you can take Kubernetes to the next level by augmenting with Advance GOP scheduling to maximize your efficiency. Learn the process from Rober Mango and take your best practice management to the next level.

Predicting the Next NBA Champion with Cloudera’s Applied ML Prototypes (AMPs): Jake Bengtson | Senior Product Marketing Manager | Cloudera

Watch as Cloudera’s Jake Bengtson demonstrates how the AMP Churn Modeling can predict this year’s NBA champion by using scikit learn to create a web application.

Optimizing Your Analytics Life Cycle with Machine Learning and Open Source: Kyriakos Fistos | Data Scientist | SAS Institute

See what the analytics life cycle, from the beginning until the end of the journey can look like with machine learning & open source tools. Be better prepared to get your data ready with these tools so that your message comes out loud and clear.

Simplifying Model Production with MLFlow Pipelines and Delta: Terry McCann | Director of AI | Advancing Analytics

What would you give to simplify the process of deploying models into production? Watch as Terry McCann shows how MLFlow pipelines simplify the process and can make the lives of data teams simpler.

Data-driven ML Retraining with Production Insights: Oryan Omer | Lead Software Engineer | Superwise

The performance of your machine learning is critical for any project. Learn how to leverage machine learning monitoring to find the best data and ensure that your strategy keeps issues from cropping up.

The Rapid Evolution of the Canonical Stack for Machine Learning: Lee Baker | General Secretary | AI Infrastructure Alliance

Join Lee Baker, General Secretary at the AI Infrastructure Alliance as he discussed the basic components of nature MLOps, the journey data teams take, and how they should first approach machine learning.

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