Discover the Latest Possibilities in AI at the ODSC West AI Expo & Demo Hall Discover the Latest Possibilities in AI at the ODSC West AI Expo & Demo Hall
As the leading data science training conference, ODSC West 2022 will feature instruction in the latest tools, techniques, and platforms, helping... Discover the Latest Possibilities in AI at the ODSC West AI Expo & Demo Hall

As the leading data science training conference, ODSC West 2022 will feature instruction in the latest tools, techniques, and platforms, helping your organization build AI better. Sometimes, due to personnel or time constraints, it makes more sense to buy a product or solution, however. At the AI Expo and Demo Hall, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with representatives from the companies and startups shaping the future of the AI industry and learn about their products and services during live demo sessions. Check out a few of them below. 

Make Your Data Science Environment Just Right With Saturn Cloud

Dr. Jacqueline Nolis | Head of Data Science & Chief Product Officer | Saturn Cloud

This session will explore how the Saturn Cloud platform can help you set up a data science workspace that is flexible and more customizable to your particular needs. You’ll also get an overview of best practices for setting up an environment, how to store them, how to replicate your code, and how to share your setup. 

Improving Predictions on High-Resolution Aerial Video Using Multi-Stage Convolutional Neural Networks

Neela Vengateshwaran | Data Scientist | SAS

Join this session to discover how multi-stage models can be used to make more accurate predictions on high-res images that are being processed in real-time. In this demo, you’ll see how using two models, one that specializes in localization, and one in classification, working in tandem reduces localization error and produces more accurate classifications.

HPCC Systems – The Kit and Kaboodle for Big Data and Data Science

Bob Foreman | Software Engineering Lead | LexisNexis Risk Solutions

During this session, you’ll learn about the open-source HPCC System and how it can improve the process of combining different types of data. It’s even able to tackle data that is stored in large, mixed schema data lakes. 

Getting Data Ready for Data Science with MLflow and Delta Lake

Nick Karpov | Developer Advocate | Databricks

Join this session to learn about two open-source tools that will help support your data science initiatives: Delta Lake and MLFlow. As a storage layer, Delta Lake will improve the reliability of your data lakes, while MLFlow will help you manage the ML lifecycle from experimentation to deployment. 

Data-centric AI: The Winning Combination of Human-in-the-loop Real-World Data and Synthetic Data for Edge Cases

Aaron Zukoff | Director of Solutions Engineering | Appen and Peter McGuinness | Vice President of Engineering | Mindtech Global

Discover how you can use a combination of synthetic data to solve computer vision problems with a real-world use case. You’ll learn about best practices for combining real-world and synthetic data and explore the benefits of a platform approach. 

Bias is Good: Arguments for Programmatic Labeling

Shayan Mohanty | Co-Founder and CEO | Watchful.io

This session will explore the common issues that occur during hand labeling, including high costs (both financial and time), high rates of error, and the introduction of bias into the data. You will also learn about alternatives like programmatic annotation and when to use it.

Building an AI App in Under 20 Minutes Using OS MLOps tool MLRun

Nick Schenone | Pre-Sales Engineer, MLOps | Iguazio

Join this session to learn about the open-source MLOps orchestration framework, MLRun. MLRun is designed to help organizations more quickly integrate AI and ML applications into their existing workflows. At the completion of this session, you’ll have an understanding of the basics and be able to get started with MLRun on your own. 

Real-time Analytics, AI & Apps with Deephaven Data Labs

Pete Goddard | CEO | Deephaven Data Labs

A general-purpose data system, Deephaven makes it easier to work with real-time data. Deephaven offers intuitive tools that enable you to work with data from custom streaming sources, Kafka, and other message queues for a number of applications.  

Turning your Data/AI Algorithms into Full Web Apps in No Time with Taipy

Florian Jacta | Customer Success Manager | Taipy

Martin Shell | Vice President Customer Success | Taipy

Join this session to learn how Taipy can help you build both great pilots and production-ready applications. You’ll explore Taipy’s two independent models: Taipy GUI, the graphical stack, and Taipy Core, its back-end stack. 

MySQL HeatWave ML – the Easiest, Fastest, and Least Expensive Way to Add Powerful Machine Learning Capabilities to your MySQL Applications

Sandeep Agrawal, PhD | Consulting Principal Member of Technical Staff | Oracle MySQL

Join this session to learn about Oracle MySQL HeatWave, a fully managed cloud database service, capable of combining analytics, machine learning services and transactions into one MySQL Database. By doing so, Heatwave is able to simplify the process, and reduce the cost, of producing real-time, secure analytics.

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