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Are you looking for online resources to further your knowledge and skills as a data scientist or machine learning engineer? Check out our video packages of carefully curated talks from our past conferences and meetups. These videos cover everything you need to know about data science: machine and deep learning introductions, career advice, business implementation, case studies, and more.

In this video example, you can listen to the world-renowned data scientist, Michael I Jordan speak about the future of AI and machine learning. Learn about what could be the next billion-dollar-industry utilizing intelligent systems directly from him.

Our AI+ Training platform also has many of our previous keynote talks, such as a talk from Cassie Kozyrkov, the Chief Decision Scientist from Google, where she discusses how to integrate data science practices into your business. Hear her insights as the leading voice of data science on LinkedIn. Discover why people trust her judgment on how to effectively use data scientists in your business.

Nearly 10,000 people have traveled from all over the globe to attend these talks, and they are now available for you to watch and study! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to listen to what the top minds of data science and machine learning have to say about the state of our industry, the current projects they are working on, and what the future holds.

For only $499, you can have access to an entire library of videos from either West or East’s Open Data Science Conference.

Full video courses that we offer:

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From these videos, you can learn what the top scientists have to say about the following topics:

  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Science Management
  • Open Source Data Science Projects
  • Data Science for Good
  • Business Innovation using AI
  • And much more!

Specifically, these talks and tutorials will go over machine learning topics such as TensorFlow 2.0, Scikit-learn, Apache Spark, Deep Reinforcement Learning, and Pattern Recognition. Some of the videos cover business-related topics, of how to employ and utilize data scientists and machine learning engineers to their full potential. Other videos dive deeper into technical topics, such as Pieter Abbeel’s talk on machine learning systems. Whatever your goal, you’ll be able to find interesting and informative talks to grow your knowledge!

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Disclaimer: All proceeds and royalties for these video courses help fund the ODSC Grant Award for open-source data science projects.