Even More Demo Sessions Coming to ODSC East to Help You Build AI Better Even More Demo Sessions Coming to ODSC East to Help You Build AI Better
It’s time for part 2 of our partner session highlight. Check out more of the talks and workshops from industry-leading data... Even More Demo Sessions Coming to ODSC East to Help You Build AI Better

It’s time for part 2 of our partner session highlight. Check out more of the talks and workshops from industry-leading data science and AI organizations coming to ODSC East 2023 below. You can see our first round of sessions here.

Human-in-the-Loop: Strategies for Improving Time Series Anomaly Detection

Andrew Cheesman|Head of Data Science|Bigeye

Despite the availability of expertise and effective tools, challenging problems still remain in the field of anomaly detection. This talk will explore strategies for improving accuracy by adding human judgment into the prediction-detection loop and improving user satisfaction. 

Knowledge Graphs and ChatGPT: Talking to Data

Sean Martin|CTO|Cambridge Semantics

Join this talk to learn how Knowledge Graphs can be used as a source of queryable knowledge for LLM technologies. Through real-world use cases, you’ll explore the ways Knowledge Graphs can enable a more intelligent, knowledge-aware conversational AI.

MLOps in the Era of Generative AI

Yaron Haviv|Co-Founder & CTO|Iguazio 

This talk will cover some of the operational challenges that are brought up by ChatGPT and Generative AI in general. Challenges include massive amounts of data, complex pipelines, extensive testing, and more. You’ll also explore the MLOps orchestration best practices and new technologies that will help address some of these challenges.

The Matrix: Decrypting the information in Sell-Side Analyst Coverage Networks and Corporate Board Connections

Temilade Oyeniyi, CFA|Vice President|S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Quantamental Research Group

This talk will discuss the role of the information contained in two different networks–sell-side analyst coverage networks and corporate board networks. First, you’ll examine the sell-side analyst coverage networks’ two use cases, then turn your attention to the role board networks play in the ESG outcomes of corporations.

MLOps 2.0 – From Research-Centric to Production First

Yuval Fernbach|Co-founder & CTO|Qwak

Join this session to learn more about MLOps. 2.0, a comprehensive approach to the ML pipeline. For those struggling to move their models from the experimentation phase to the production phase, this session can provide some insight on what problems exist and how to fix them. 

Learn how to Build Interactive Data Apps with Plotly Dash

Mingo Sanchez|Senior Sales Engineer|Plotly 

Join this session for a crash course in best practices for leveraging graphs by expanding your data science workflows. The hands-on section will give you practice in several of the skills you will need through concrete examples. 

Latest trends/methods in Feature Engineering for Time Series Forecasting

Dr. Joshua Gordon|Senior Data Scientist|DotData

This workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals and practical applications of feature engineering as they apply to time series forecasting. Topics covered include integrating features into a pre-existing machine learning pipeline, formulating a feature hypothesis, and more. This session will also include a hands-on section. 

Data Science Software Acceleration at the Edge

Audrey Reznik Guidera|Sr. Principal Software Engineer|Red Hat 

Traditional approaches to accelerating software can be a challenge at the edge. This session will explore the current state of model training and execution at the edge, as well as acceleration alternatives in data augmentation and data curation strategies, containerized models and applications. 

AI/ML, Edge Computing and 5G in Action: Anatomy of an Intelligent Agriculture Architecture!

Guillaume Moutier|Sr. Principal Data Engineering Architect|Red Hat 

In this workshop, we will learn how to mix drones, 5G slices, Edge computing, computer vision, and operations research on OpenShift and OpenShift Data Science and will go in-depth in the different aspects of an innovative end-to-end architecture that can also be applied to other fields like Smart Cities, Industrial IoT, Telehealth and many more.

Unlocking the Power of Large Language Models: Why Owning Your Own Model is Critical—and Within Reach

Hagay Lupesko | VP Engineering | MosaicML

Jay Jackson | VP AI/ML | Oracle

Join this session to explore why training, deploying, and owning your own LLM is essential for an organization. You will learn strategies for training and deploying your own models,  while protecting your data and your business IP.

Enabling MLOps at scale with Oracle Cloud

Seshadri Dehalisan|Distinguished Cloud Architect|Oracle 

By the end of this session, you will have a deeper understanding of the diverse set of tools and services available on OCI for implementing MLOps at scale, which will equip you with the necessary insights for enhancing your organization’s machine learning capabilities, optimizing operational efficiency, and driving data-driven decision-making.

How to Explore and Analyze Mixed-Media Data Quickly and Easily

Dr Douglas Blank|Head of Research, Professor Emeritus|Comet, Bryn Mawr College

Join this session to learn about a new open-source project called Kangas that allows easy exploration and analysis of data when it is mixed with multimedia datatypes, such as images, video, and audio. You’ll discuss some of the common pain points for Pandas DataFrame when used for EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis), and how Kangas helps solve them. 


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