Find Your AI Solutions at the ODSC West AI Expo Find Your AI Solutions at the ODSC West AI Expo
At the AI Expo and Demo Hall as part of ODSC West in a few weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to... Find Your AI Solutions at the ODSC West AI Expo

At the AI Expo and Demo Hall as part of ODSC West in a few weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with representatives from industry-leading organizations like Microsoft Azure, Hewlett Packard, Iguazio, neo4j, Tangent Works, Qwak, Cloudera, and others. You’ll also learn about the latest tools in NLP, machine learning, MLOps, and more during the Solution Talks. Check them out below. 

Building and Deploying a Gen AI App in 20 Minutes

Nick Schenone | Pre-Sales MLOps Engineer | Iguazio 

Building your own Generative AI application can be quite difficult. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how you can fine-tune a Gen AI model, build a Gen AI application, and deploy it in 20 minutes. You’ll use MLRun, Langchain, and Milvus for this exercise and cover topics like the integration of AI/ML applications, leveraging Python SDKs, as well as building, testing, and tuning your work. 

Financial Audio to NLP-based Insights (Kensho solution demo)

Philip Taylor | Product Lead, NLP | Kensho Technologies S&P Global Market Intelligence

Discover how to find unique insights in, and derive value from, unstructured data financial and business data using recent advancements in machine learning. In this Showcase Talk, you’ll learn how to turn audio into high-fidelity text with NLP and derive actionable, valuable insights. 

The Tangent Information Modeler, Time Series Modeling Reinvented

Philip Wauters | Customer Success Manager and Value Engineer | Tangent Works

Existing techniques for modeling time series data face limitations in scalability, agility, explainability, and accuracy. In this session, you’ll see how the Tangent Information Modeler (TIM) offers a game-changing approach with efficient and effective feature engineering based on Information Geometry. This multivariate modeling co-pilot can handle a wider range of time series use cases. During this talk, you’ll cover several concrete use cases for advanced time series forecasting, anomaly detection, and root cause analysis.

Fujitsu AI Innovation Platform: Advanced AI Technologies Ready for Customer Adoption

Hiromichi Kobashi | Fujitsu Research of America, Head of AI Division | Fujitsu

Join this session to learn about Actlyzer technology, Galileo XAI and Fujitsu’s Auto ML, three of Fujitsu’s unique and advanced AI technologies. Come learn how these technologies can help you meet your goals regarding creating production-ready MLP Code, accelerating AI adoption, fraud detection, threat analysis, and more. 

HPCC Systems – The Kit and Kaboodle for Big Data and Data Science

Bob Foreman | Software Engineering Lead | LexisNexis/HPCC 

Join this session to learn how ECL can help you create powerful data queries through a comprehensive and dedicated data lake platform. Topics that you’ll cover include HPCC Architecture, Embedded Languages and external data stores, Machine Learning Library, Visualization, Application Security, and more.

From Data Collection to ML Model Deployment in Less Than 30 Minutes 

Hudson Buzby | Qwak Solution Architect | Qwak 

Explore Qwak MLOps Platform, a comprehensive platform tailored to empower data scientists, engineers, and organizations. In particular, you will cover the platform’s key attributes and functionalities:

  • Effortless Model Deployment
  • Automated Monitoring and Scalability
  • Version Control and Collaborative Tools
  • Comprehensive Model Lifecycle Management
  • Intuitive User Interface

Simplified Insights in a Connected World: LLMs meet Graph(ML)

Jörg Schad, PhD | ArangoDB CTO | ArangoDB

One of the primary issues with Business Analytics and Decision-making practices is that they often focus on isolated entities, neglecting their interconnectedness. In this session, you’ll explore how you can use graph representations for real-world business problems. You will see how leveraging the power of graphs, organizations can unleash untapped insights, enabling better and faster decision-making in today’s complex business landscape. 

Build and productionize LLM models with ease with Dagster

Pedram Navid | Head of Data Engineering and Developer Relations | Elementl/Dagster Labs

During this session, you’ll discuss the role of orchestration in LLM training and deployment and the importance of an asset-centric framework in data engineering. You’ll see a demonstration of how to use an effective control layer to help you train LLMs using a suite of open-source solutions, and scale these to true enterprise production levels while controlling costs and improving data quality.

Ikigai: Generative AI for Tabular Data

Stephanie Young | Head of Product at Ikigai | Ikigai Labs

Join this session to learn about Ikigai’s Generative AI for Tabular data platform. Explore how it bridges data gaps and puts the power of no-code, low-code AI and ML to work across your enterprise’s most critical reconciliation, prediction, and scenario planning and optimization requirements. 

Chat with Your Data: Meet DataGPT, Your Conversational AI Data Analyst

Arina Curtis | Co-Founder | Comparative AI/DataGPT

Join this session to uncover the technology behind DataGPT and its revolutionary approach to data analysis through human conversation. Explore how DataGPT simplifies data analysis, bridging the gap between complex data queries and clear insights, enabled by the Lightning Cache – database and Core Analytics Engine – Data API.

LLMs in Data Analytics: Can They Match Human Precision?

Gerard Kostin | Director of Data Science at DataGPT | Comparative AI/DataGPT

Delve into the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) in data analytics, highlighting the inherent challenges when processing extensive datasets. You’ll take a deep dive into DataGPT’s technology stack, detailing its methodology for efficient data processing and its measures to ensure accuracy and consistency. You’ll cover the integration of LLMs with advanced algorithms in DataGPT, with an emphasis on their collaborative roles in data analysis.

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