First Sessions Announced for ODSC APAC 2023 First Sessions Announced for ODSC APAC 2023
We’re just a few weeks away from ODSC APAC, coming virtual this August 22nd-23rd, and we couldn’t be more excited to... First Sessions Announced for ODSC APAC 2023

We’re just a few weeks away from ODSC APAC, coming virtual this August 22nd-23rd, and we couldn’t be more excited to share a sneak peek of the conference sessions. Whatever your experience level, we have expert-led workshops, tutorials, and talks for you. Check them out below.

Building a Data-Driven Workforce

Dominic Bohan | Co-Founder Story | IQ

This session will explore how you can equip your entire team with the essential descriptive analytics skill to free up your data experts for more vital work.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of simple descriptive analytics in driving value for large organizations.
  • Use storytelling to bring complex concepts to life for the vast majority of team members who don’t have an advanced understanding of statistics.
  • How generative AI can enable more people within an organization to self-serve for simple analytics requests.
  • Learn from success stories of implementing self-service data analytics within large organizations that StoryIQ has partnered with.

Full-Stack Machine Learning for Data Scientists

Hugo Bowne-Anderson, PhD | Head of Data Science Evangelism and Marketing | Outerbounds

This workshop will introduce you to the current landscape of production-grade tools, techniques, and workflows for the life cycle of machine learning models. You’ll learn about the 8 layers of the machine learning stack: data, compute, versioning, orchestration, software architecture, model operations, feature engineering, and model development and the tooling and workflow landscape.

In-Person and Virtual Conference

September 5th to 6th, 2024 – London

Featuring 200 hours of content, 90 thought leaders and experts, and 40+ workshops and training sessions, Europe 2024 will keep you up-to-date with the latest topics and tools in everything from machine learning to generative AI and more.


Human-Friendly, Production-Ready Data Science with Metaflow

Ville Tuulos | Co-founder & CEO | Outerbounds

This session will address the question of how to enable an organization of data scientists to build and deploy end-to-end machine learning workflows and applications independently. You’ll learn about Metaflow, an open-source framework, that helps data scientists free up time to work on the more interesting tasks. 

Exploring the Generative AI Landscape: From Basics to Hands-on Applications

Raghav Bali | Staff Data Scientist | Delivery Hero (Berlin)

Explore the Generative AI landscape, with a focus on its fundamental concepts, techniques, and applications. You’ll cover topics like GANs, and LLMs and get hands-on practice deploying generative models to create pieces of art and text. 

Enabling AI Transformation: MLOps Infrastructure, AI Command Centre, and Data Science in Telecommunication

Habib Baluwala | Domain Chapter Lead | Spark New Zealand 

This session will take you through a detailed exploration of how to implement data science to enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth. In part, you will discuss how to utilize AI to monitor, validate, and version your models for optimal performance. 

Big Data Analysis with PySpark 

Bharti Motwani | Associate Professor | University of Maryland, USA

During this session, you’ll delve into the basics of PySpark and then progress on unsupervised and supervised machine learning techniques for a variety of use cases. This session will also include a practical demonstration of advanced techniques for different types of data. 

Transformers for Document Understanding

Vaishali Balaji | Lead Data Scientist | Indium Software

In this session, you will be introduced to transformer models, as well as the concept of document understanding, the importance of AI-based solutions for document understanding, and the various techniques used for document understanding. 

 Making Private Data Open and Enhancing Decision-Making through Digital Atlases

Kerrie Mengersen, PhD | Distinguished Professor, Statistics | Queensland Technology University

Helen Thompson | Director at QUT Centre for Data Science | Associate Professor at Queensland Technology University 

This presentation will cover several solutions to the problems of data access and size for companies and researchers. These solutions are based on Bayesian statistical models and include robust, privacy-preserving spatial models, probabilistic insights, and novel visualizations.

Build Classification and Regression Models with Spark on AWS

Suman Debnath | Principal Developer Advocate, Data Engineering | Amazon Web Services

This immersive session will be focused on optimizing PySpark and harnessing the power of machine learning using Spark MLlib. Over the course of this hands-on session, you’ll explore a wide range of topics, from understanding the project overview and core machine learning concepts to diving into the implementation of various classification algorithms

Troubleshooting Search and Retrieval with LLMs

Xander Song | Machine Learning Engineer and Developer Advocate | Arize AI

This workshop will explore what typically goes wrong with the search and retrieval use case or LLMS– from bad responses to the knowledge base missing areas of user interest and lack of relevance of retrieved documents, not enough similar documents and irrelevant retrieved context — and dive into a code-along exercise using open source tools to run LLM-assisted evaluations and compute ranking metrics.

ML On-device: Building Efficient Models

Danni Li | AI Resident | Meta

During this session, you’ll explore the latest advancements in on-device machine learning models, especially the end-to-end(E2E) ASR systems.

Evolving trends in prompt engineering for Large Language Models (LLMs) with built in Responsible AI practices

Jayachandran Ramachandran | SVP & Head of AI Labs | Course5 Intelligence Ltd

Rohit Sroch | Senior AI Scientist | Course5 Intelligence Ltd

This session will comprehensively cover current challenges and solutions across various dimensions for the adoption of LLMs at the enterprise scale. It will also provide researchers, practitioners, and policymakers with valuable insights for adopting and deploying LLMs effectively and responsibly. Unlocking the vast potential of LLMs in NLP will trigger innovative ideas and is expected to disrupt and radically transform the technology and business landscape in the coming days.

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