First Speakers Announced for ODSC APAC 2020 First Speakers Announced for ODSC APAC 2020
With the ODSC APAC Virtual Training Conference & Expo coming up in less than a month, December 8-9, it might be... First Speakers Announced for ODSC APAC 2020

With the ODSC APAC Virtual Training Conference & Expo coming up in less than a month, December 8-9, it might be a good time to learn more about the unique lineup of ODSC APAC speakers attending over those two days. On Tuesday, December 8, you will hear from speakers from India; on Wednesday, December 9, you’ll hear from speakers in the Asian & Pacific region.

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December 8: India

Ravi Ranjan | Senior Data Scientist | Publicis Sapient: ML at scale expert working in various fields such as banking, retail, and insurance. He’s currently working on hyper-personalized recommendation systems.





Kavita Dwivedi | Head of Data Science | Infinite-Sum Modelling Inc.: 12-year data science expert with experience in management and analytics delivery. She has published papers on financial econometrics and social media analytics, among others.





Piyush Arora, PhD | Research Scientist | American Express AI Labs: As a research scientist, Piyush studies information extraction and retrieval, user search behavior, NLP, and more. When he was a student, he focused on developing novel solutions for improving search experience and user learning.




Debanjana Banerjee | Data Scientist | Walmart Labs, Bangalore: At Walmart, she has been instrumental in building numerous high-functioning bots in the compliance space dealing heavily in Natural Language Processing, Optimization, Mixture Models, and Rare Time Series.




December 9 ODSC APAC Speakers: APAC

ODSC APAC speakersToby Walsh, PhD | Laureate Fellow and Professor | University of South Wales and Data61: Named a “rock star” of Australia’s digital revolution, Toby research has been instrumental in banning autonomous weapons and the impact of AI and robotics on society.





ODSC APAC speakersDr. Sigrid Rouam | Global Director, Data Analytics & Data Science | Standard Chartered Bank: Sigrid is driving the identification and development of data-driven solutions with advanced analytics (AI, ML), allowing to provide personalized products to end customers, to have a deeper understanding of customer risk profiles, and to identify sustainable trade finance opportunities.




ODSC APAC speakersIsaac Reyes | Co-Founder | StoryIQ: Isaac Reyes, Co-Founder at StoryIQ, is a TEDx speaker and international keynote presenter in data visualization and machine learning. His ultimate goal is to empower every organization to derive value from data.





ODSC APAC speakersDr. Noriko Arai | Professor/Founder | National Institute of Informatics/Research Map: Arai is the program director of an AI challenge, Todai Robot Project, which asks the question: Can AI get into the University of Tokyo? The project aims to visualize both the possibilities and the limitations of current AI by setting a concrete goal: a software system that can pass university entrance exams. 




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