First Speakers Announced for ODSC East 2023 First Speakers Announced for ODSC East 2023
ODSC East 2023 is still several months away, coming this May 9th-11th, but we couldn’t be more excited to kick off... First Speakers Announced for ODSC East 2023

ODSC East 2023 is still several months away, coming this May 9th-11th, but we couldn’t be more excited to kick off the new year with our first group of confirmed sessions. As always, the conference will feature a wide variety of hands-on training sessions, expert-led workshops, and talks on the topics and tools you care about. Check out a few of them below.  

Democracy and the Pursuit of Randomness

Ariel Procaccia, PhD | Professor | Harvard University

As sortition has risen to popularity with citizens’ assemblies that gather randomly selected people to address questions and recommend policy two issues must be addressed: the assemblies should reflect the makeup of the general population and everyone should have a fair chance to participate. This session will cover the work done to create and implement randomized participant selection algorithms that address these two issues as well as the practical challenges in sortition. 

Winning The Room: Creating And Delivering An Effective Data-Driven Presentation

Bill Franks | Director of the Center for Statistics and Analytical Research | Kennesaw State University

Join this session for advice on how to deliver effective and impactful data-driven presentations to non-technical audiences. You’ll leave with concrete strategies and practical tips on how to simplify and clarify your presentations to maximize comprehension without sacrificing accuracy. 

Towards the Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence with its Applications in Practice

Hongxia Yang, PhD | Director & Senior Staff Scientist, Joint Adjunct Professor | Alibaba, Zhejiang University

During this session, Dr. Hongzia Yang, PhD, will explore the next generation of AI, specifically in the realm of cognitive intelligence. Through an exploration of the massive pre-training model M6, you’ll examine some of the applications that we will see with the next generation of AI. 

Mastering Adversarial Evaluation for NLP: A Practical Workshop

Panos Alexopoulos, PhD | Head of Ontology | Textkernel BV

As deep neural language models become more intricate and less comprehensible, they also become more brittle and more likely to fail when exposed to different types of data. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to conduct an adversarial evaluation of NLP systems through exercises and examples. 

Leverage Reviews Data for Multi-Label Topics Classification in Booking.com

Moran Beladev | Machine Learning Manager, NLP & Computer Vision | Booking.com

Join this session to learn how Booking.com uses its billions of customers’ reviews to gain insights into both customer behavior and popular features at different properties. You’ll see how fine-tuning BERT-like models on the tourism domain with a small dataset can outperform other pre-trained models. You’ll also examine the experiment results of different architectures.

An Introduction to Data Wrangling with SQL

Sheamus McGovern | CEO and ML Engineer | ODSC

During this session, you’ll learn about data wrangling, an essential foundational topic for aspiring data scientists, data engineers, and machine learning practitioners. You’ll cover core data wrangling concepts including what is data, data generation and collecting, data cleaning, profiling, and transformation, as well as get hands-on SQL training and an introduction to relational databases. 

Advanced Fraud Modeling & Anomaly Detection with Python & R

Aric LaBarr, PhD | Associate Professor of Analytics Institute for Advanced Analytics | NC State University

During this course, you’ll examine the standard fraud framework at a company, where data science can have an impact, and how to build an analytically advanced fraud system. You’ll explore statistical and machine learning approaches to anomaly detection, as well as supervised and unsupervised approaches to fraud modeling. 

Machine Learning with XGBoost

Matt Harrison | Python & Data Science Corporate Trainer | Consultant | MetaSnake

Join Matt Harrison, a Python expert with over 20 years of experience to learn the best practices for using XGBoost. During this workshop, you will learn about model creation, turning, evaluation, and interpretation. 

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